Friday, March 13, 2009

Even Steven :)

Just some new pics of Even :) She is doing well...having a great time and will start going with Andy on his workdays to check out all the dairy farms in Minnesota :) She is a tough little bugger, being the smallest of the litter she definetly holds her own--and dare I say dominates the rest of the litter!??

Why did I pick her...well if you know me you know why...she looks and acts like her mother Zip. So how do you resist that??? They turned 8 weeks on yes I am a bit behind..but shipping puppies, CERF and BAER testing and health papers---plus normal life gets in the way :)

This pic is weird..I am trying to figure out this camera that is MUCH smarter than I am currently..but I WILL...just thought it was neat :)
Next up...Lynn :)

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