Friday, March 6, 2009

I need a name!!!

Lynn can't be named Lynn----SO.....any ideas on names for the little evil hootchie???

Here are some I have thought of:
Lil--yes stealing the other puppies nickname!
Cinder (Cin for short..which I found funny since Eve...and Cin..hehehee)
Bug--that is Andy's contribution
Bean--another Andy one :)
Thoughts??Suggestions? I like short names....Zip, Klink, Ace etc....Gator is fine, but I tend to say GAY when I am running him......trying to retrain myself to say Gate.....sorta working!Any and ALL ideas will be entertained please!!


Darci said...

Lyric (leery for short)
Lexi ( a personal fav, I have a Lex)
Stella (Its a fun name)
Chick (just like the sound, I think a dog might too)
Gwen ( one day I'll get a new girl and use this one, I really love it)
Cassidy (Cass for short)
Thats it for me, but what I find fun to do, is to take the word sheepdog, workingdog, stockdog, or herdingdog and take each word, and scramble the letters around and see what you come up with. My pic for my next dog, for a male will be Lad and for a girl will be Gwen. At least I hope they will fit the name, or I;ll be having to ask for help too! LOL

Sarah said...

i was going to change Gyp's name to Neena - but Gyp just suited her - it is what she was born with.

Neena means pretty eyes :)

Kara said...

You picked it already, Hoochie or
Hooch for short:)

there is the original hoochie coochie girl herself Charo or Char for short.

An English Shepherd said...

How about Bee or Bea :-)

Robin French said...

Apple. Get it? Eve and the....

Fig, for the fig leaf? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I want to add Twist and Moxie to the list!

Jean Emery said...

Caution about "Jess" I have a Jess but learned the hard way it can be confused with Yes. So if you use Yes as a verbal marker, it might be confusing say on a contact.

How about
Jenny (Jen)
Zig Zag (Zig)
Zing (Zinger)


WOW! (I like the thought of calling that name when the dog blows the contact, for instance.) ;-)

Good luck,


Bordershot said...

How about
Mathilda (Tilly for short)
Belleza (Bee or Bell(a/y) for short; means in Spanish beauty)

Please don`t take Faye. So much Border Ladys have this name (at any rate in germany) ;o)

manymuddypaws said...

names are hard!!!

i like Jigg (or Jigs)
Nova is a name I've always liked too.
And Juno.

Pixel was almost Juno...