Saturday, March 7, 2009

Puppy Photo Shoot!

Well I figured since this was my first, and maybe my last litter, I might want to get some great memories! So I asked Paula Prickett of Two Dog Image Works ( to come out and take some pictures of the motley crew in action :)

Paula let me have the raw files, so the cropping etc is all me-good or bad! LOL

We thought that puppies in a bucket might be the easiest (and of course the cutest) way to get them together for a group shot...they had other plans... Lil, Eve and Sweep sittin' perty...Lynn making a break for it!
First of all, getting them into the bucket was HELL...and keeping them in there was even HARDER....

There...maybe they are settling....Sweep showing his "I am too sexy for this picture" pose :)

Someone just touched something private on Spot apparently...

Sweep and Spot sharing a "loving" ?!?!?!? Moment...ahhhhhhhh

Gin & Sweep--we are OUTTA HERE!!!
Lynn trying to chew her way out....notice Eve still posing..HAM!

Lynn: Ummmm...where is everyone else?!?!
So we thought....maybe we can get some individual pics!! That worked better :) MUCH BETTER!
Lynn will stay dawned on me that when the litter was born I named two pups after my grandmother Evelynn, who passed away right after this litter was bred...there was no order to who I named who...but I ended up with Eve and Lynn...and so I think it was meant to be...So Lynn will be staying you Grandma :)

SPOT--what a ham!

GIN--she was more interested in Paula than pictures!

SWEEP--what a handsome boy!

Sweep looking for his perfect home!!
Tweed--Mr. Fuzzy :)

LIL--Miss Photogenic!

EVE--this girl so reminds me of my grandmother--she is a peanut, but sassy and doesn't let ANYONE run her can just see her attitude...

We had a lot of fun with them...Paula is SUPER patient and did a great job and they did NOT make it easy for her at ALL!!!!!!


Dianna said...

These are hilarous!! Good thing Paula is pretty patient! Maybe you needed a bigger bucket?!

I love the look on Tweed's face in the 3rd one: "I don't know why I have to sit in a bucket"

fulltiltbcs said...

A taller one I think! LOL

I think the bucket of puppies shot is NOT one for almost 8 week old border collies :)

Robin French said...

I'm glad you're sticking with the name Lynn - it's one of my favorite names.

Emily said...

Eve is SO freakin' cute!! I love her attitude, it's oozing out of her.!!!

So, Lynn & Even then? What was your initial aversion to Lynn?

fulltiltbcs said...

Yeppers....Even and Lynn..

My original aversion to Lynn was because my name is Loretta....

Loretta and Lynn.....Loretta Lynn....coalminers daughter thing :)

But whatever :)

An English Shepherd said...

What lovely pictures and great ones of them all jumping out the bucket :-)