Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lambing is here....

Sheep are sheared, vaccinated and dewormed. We have hooves trimmed and the girls look all pretty--and a bit on the "plump" side--but I guess for the shearer that made his job a lot easier!!

We have a great person to shear the sheep....he hardly EVER nicks them...and if it is it is a TINY one...he is very very gentle with them and I appreciate that. I do not like people that just man handle the crap out of them--they are pregnant and I would like them to stay that way :)

Ewes could go anytime after I hope the weather stays good, we do have the lambing jugs all set up and a heat lamp in each one in case we need it for them babies.

Got to work the dogs a bit yesterday on the wethers...they worked great, Zip was "on the bit" but she settled in and worked great--she LOVES being back to work. Klink was also a bit crazy in the beginning, but she settled in well and gave me some great work :) Even worked Gator, he did good, we did some chores and worked on his driving--which he doesn't really LIKE...but he is getting it :) Not bad for dogs that haven't worked much all winter because of the crappy weather!

Next week is filled with LOTS of things going on....Spot heads out to his new home on Sunday (Joe wants to keep his name Spot--but Donna isn't so sure about that LOL!!!) CERF tests and BAER tests on Monday...Tweed and Lil are flying out on Tuesday pm, --if Sweep doesn't have a home by next week...he will go be with my friend Dianna for awhile, and Gin will leave on Saturday---then we are down to 2 puppies. Andy will be taking them on the road (one at a time, the other will stay with me--then the next day we will switch)....Andy goes to LOTS of farms and meets TONS of people every a great socialization time! They also get very used to crate time and traveling....why all our dogs travel so well!

We are going to be very busy the next few weeks with puppies and lambing. Should be a good time though...Andy loves the sheep, which is good as he is always willing to help :)

It will be good to get our house back, we are planning a FULL HOUSE cleaning after the puppies leave! Being a clean freak it is hard to let go of things when you have a house full of puppies....but they have been GREAT puppies....NO accidents outside of the potty box AND when they are out in our livingroom they NEVER go potty outside..they wait until they are back in with their potty box. GREAT pups!

It will be nice to get life back in order again :)


stickitbc said...

WOW!!! i would say you are going to be busy:))) If you need any help in that week besides on Monday i am home to help as long as i am not working:((( I would be MORE then willing you out with the busy schedule!!!

Dianna said...

I am sheep-ignorant: what is a wether???

It will be great to have your house back, I bet that will be the fun part of sending them all off.

fulltiltbcs said...

wether is a castrated male sheep :)

yes it will be great to have my house back :)

And time to train the two new puppies!

Dianna said...