Thursday, September 11, 2008

To Scottsdale...

Well I have made my my entry is going in the mail for USDAA Nationals...I find that scarey and exciting all at the same time :-)

Klink is Qualified in all three areas (DAM team, Grand Prix and Steeplechase)...she just turned 3 and has been doing a great job this season :-)) She is quite the handful---many would probably say "over the top"...but she is my Stinky...I love her just the same :-))) Thank god she has an off switch!

Our DAM team is going to be with Bonnie Griep and Zzoom (who just got her ADCH this past weekend!) and Brittney MacNeill and her red head BC "Risk" from Oregon....will have to come up with a fancy name..suggestions welcome :-)

Gator is Qualified in Grand Prix and Steeplechase---considering he won't be 2 years old at the time of Nationals...he is doing awesome :-)) I did not enter him in DAM (SHOULD HAVE!!!) just because I thought he was not ready..yeah....whatever :-)) He had other ideas :-))

I figure if I am going all the way down there (26 hour drive) then I might as well take 2 dogs and run them :-)

This will be my first National competition and I am ready to go :-)) Will be working on basics for these next several weeks, while still trying to keep my back sound :-)))

I am very excited about going though! Bonnie and I will be traveling together, so at least the 26 hours won't seem so long!

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