Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well with my back hurting like CRAZY..lets just say our Q rate left something to be desired :-))

HOWEVER, the Q's we got sure were the ones we needed :-))

Saturday Gator:

Advanced Standard--I have been trying to get this FINAL leg for FOUR weekends! FINALLY GOT IT! Q and 2nd
Masters Pairs-NQ----both dogs were to blame :-))
Masters Snooker Q
Steeplechase Q
Grand Prix---sent him off course...or really I just couldn't get there....
I had someone else run him for Jumpers (NO WAY I could) he was a good boy..but NQ'd

Saturday Klink:

Masters Standard...for some reason I have NO idea....she went off course....the rest of the run was BEAUTIFUL! UGH!
Masters Pairs--NQ--partner E'd :-((((
Masters Snooker--WON THE CLASS AND A SUPER Q!!!
Steeplechase Q and 3rd place
Grand Prix--sent her off course...or really I just couldn't get there....ugh
Jumpers.....the reason I had someone run Gator....I couldn't run her! NQ :-((( Poor kid!

Sunday Gator:

Advanced Std--ran with one of my students..she did GREAT! But he got called on a DW contact which he DID hit! Oh well...
Masters Pairs Q and 2nd place
Masters Snooker Q
Steeplechase Round 2--6th place
Masters Jumpers--Q and 2nd place

Sunday Klink:

She was pulled off Masters Standard
Masters Pairs--partner E'd--however Klinker was no angel!
Masters Snooker 2nd place and a SUPER Q! That makes the 3 she needs for her ADCH!
Steeplechase Round 2-----WON THE CLASS! GOOD GIRLIE!
Masters Jumpers..great run but one bar...ugh.......

So not a BAD weekend....just not our most stellar :-)))))

I downloaded some of the runs to my youtube channel....

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