Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Working new lambs....and also a sad thing.....

Went to a friends house yesterday to work some new sheep she got. They are Shetland cross lambs and have never dealt with a dog before. She has a corgi, but the sheep were nasty to it, head butting it several times and she didn't want her dog hurt (can't say I blame her).

She has also borrowed several of my hair sheep to train on, and lets just say they have become EXTREMELY barn sour...so much getting them anywhere is next to impossible! They used to go to the round pen that she has, but without a dog (and an experienced one at that)...there is NO way they are going to do that.

So.....I brought over Klink and Paige (andy's dog) and sent about my task. First off getting the hair sheep into the pen so they could actually be worked by her dogs! Klink made an easy job of that...they must have remembered her as they IMMEDIATELY decided that she had them and there was no getting away.....#1 done :-))

We worked her corgi and a new rescue corgi...who was an amazing little dog! They both did really well, gathering the sheep up and taking their stops...good puppers :-)

I worked Paige a bit after that, she was having some trouble going along the fence (her weakness by far) and was getting a bit amped....so we did that a bit until she relaxed...then put her up.

Klink went back out to the new sheep.....and after about 3 minutes they were working great! Klink was SO patient with them, and really did a great job showing them a dog was not going to kill them, and if they "escaped" where they needed to.....the dog would let them be. I will be going back out there several more times to get the sheep more dog-broke....but quite a day for the Klinker :-))

Oh a bad note, I have injured my back, a disc injury which is going to limit things for awhile, IF I don't have to have surgery...I am bummed, but I am thinking of selling Jute, she is a LOVELY girl, but she is just a year old, and with my other dogs further along, I am OK to train them on stock and in agility because it will not be so hard on me.....but with her...I think she is going to get the short end of the stick so to speak.....it breaks my heart as I LOVE this little girlie, but she isn't doing much at all, and the back injury is going to seal that fate...which I do not want for her.

She is a great pup, lovely on sheep, stylish, brave and very talented...great feel. I wish I could keep her...but I won't let her go to a pet home or anything, she NEEDS a job! I hope I can find the best home for her!

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