Sunday, April 13, 2008

EWE talkin' about me??

Yes, we are crazy, just to set the record straight.

We decided moving to the country was a great idea, and getting sheep was even better-we do love the little buggers, OK, not little....170-200 pounds. But we are enjoying them. So are the dogs!

Here are a few pics of the woolies:
And our favorite: Miss Badger :)

And of course...Mr. Jello (there is always room for Jello right!?!) The ladies sure seem to think so

Jello did his job so we now have lambs on the way, and we are waiting for them to pop. And I mean that word----POP----they are VERY preggers and I wish they would just have the darn things!!!

In preparation for lambing, we got to shear all of them and they have NOT been happy...cold and naked. They didn't come out of the barn for a week....
I will post pics of them when they lambies come! Should be cute!!!!! I just hope everything goes smoothly!

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