Monday, April 14, 2008

Bar Knocker Klink

Last year Klink was a great jumper...hardly ever knocked a bar, always jumping nicely, even when barking her head off.

Well this year she has decided that keeping bars up is "optional". We have been working on jumping 4 times a week for a YEAR now, and she is getting BETTER, but definetly not great.

So I decided to instigate a "knock a bar, game is over" rule. She knocks a bar, I say bummer and she has to leave. I give her a time out. Then try again.

I THINK it is working, her bars are getting less and less, but yesterday she was HORRIBLE. Barking, not thinking and just being a bugger. So she literally made it to obstacle #4 and didn't get to run again the rest of the day. I HOPE this is working!!!!

Here is a pic of her jumping....this is actually a GOOD jumping style for her! NO she did not knock the jump..but those back feet are always hanging like that!

I sure hope that by her understanding that knocked bars are what is causing her to be taken off course, she will figure out that she needs to keep her feet up! Stay tuned for updates!!!!

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