Sunday, April 13, 2008


Welcome to the herd of border collies! It has been a busy year so far in 2008!

I guess I will start by talking about the dogs :)

Klinker has been trialing and is doing well, at the Fargo-Moorehead Agility Trial she finished up her OA, got an OAJ leg and her first Excellent A-Standard leg--ALL with 1st places! She is settling into trialing and if I can only get her to pick her feet up more and not knock so many bars we could be working on her MACH!!!!

In herding we are working on cleaning up those flanks to run her in Pro-Novice this year.

Gator will begin trialing in agility for real (not just fun runs) at the CACM USDAA trial the first weekend of May. Hard to believe he is going to be 18 months!

He is doing well on stock and we will just keep going at that :)

Zip, well what can I say about my girlie :-) She is STILL on the injured list, but we are going to start rehab soon, she is totally sound so I am hoping to get thing going with her soon! She had her 5th birthday on the 5th of April...hard to believe that.

Jute is just a puppy, and a very naughty one at that! But we still love her.

And Mr. Ace, our furniture dog, is enjoying retirement and wishes to sleep all day...we will let him :)

That is all for now, I am planning on giving trial updates and also training thoughts and experiences! Should be a good time!! Thanks for stopping by!

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