Sunday, November 6, 2016

What The Heck Happened?? has been a VERY LONG TIME since I last blogged...why you ask?

Well...LIFE. Life happened.

And not just normal life, but IN YOUR FACE, DO NOT IGNORE IT life...that kind that really makes you stop, center yourself, and BREATHE THROUGH IT because that is all you can do.

These kids don't care...they just go with the flow.

"Fear is only temporary. Regret is forever."

This has been a time of change for me...

I faced my fears, I jumped when my brain told me "NO" and although a tough road...I am finally feeling like I have things in some kind of order.

Now that life is a bit easier...I  am hoping I can blog more. So let's start.

I haven't competed with my pups this year, after being involved in a car accident with Gator, Lynn and Gig, it took many months for everyone to come back. Then Lynn cut her foot badly, damaged an ligament, now healed. And Gator...he had some major back issues...
Gig, she wasn't ready. So no trialing for us.

But in a way, that was a good thing...I explored my teaching more, I explored my coaching more, and had time to really evaluate my life. Which was very needed.

I miss trialing now...I really am excited about going! The dogs are all healed, Gig is ready, so forward we go!

I live in a new place...which I really's ME. And I am happy about that.

Now onto agility...

I would like you to ask yourself, if you had ONE YEAR where you could not do agility...what would you do? 

Would you take up hobbies, travel? What would be your answer? I would love to know in the comments section if you have time.

This year off has really changed my thoughts on competition, training and just the dogs. 
Because really, it is all about the dogs right?
My dogs have enjoyed training. The trialing is for ME.

I am staying busy teaching seminars, online classes, and my weekly students who I adore.

But for is time to come back to something I missed but, it had to be put on the back burner for awhile.

So HI EVERYONE! I have missed you all! 

I also have a new website up! It is still being updated, but I thought I would share!


Steffi said...

YAY - You're back!! I love your blog, I still go back and read some of my favorite posts of yours. I am sorry that things have been tough for you but am very glad that everyone is healthy now. I really love that quote - "Fear is temporary. Regret is forever.".

About two years ago I had a very slow agility year, not totally an off year but I took a big step back from training/trialing. I took the dogs hiking in new places (and started geocaching with friends), started knitting, training less and it was great (although, hard to appreciate at the time)! And since I've been working with you, I've been able to make my agility training way more efficient so I spend way less time doing agility which I think makes it more special and exciting. Even now the dogs and I spend most of our time hiking and conditioning.

I love your new website and the Full Tilt logo. I'll definitely be buying some Full Tilt gear when it's available :)

Tracey said...

Happy to see you are back blogging! I still read your advice to Novice Handlers before every trial and share it with anyone and everyone who will listen to me :). I, too, have been in a transition in my life since a major upheaval that made me re-evaluate everything and find ME again. Still a work in progress, but still breathing through it (love that!).

I just now settled into a place where I feel at home and relaxed and am starting to get back to figuring out goals and trialing plans (which have been pretty haphazard over the past while). But I have learned through all this to appreciate every one of my dogs more and get to know them even better away from sport. We have spent more time just hanging out in the yard together and hiking/walking/strolling with the old guy. So if I had a year with no agility that's what I would do walk & talk and find joy in the small moments.

The new website is awesome! Really, really love it!

Anonymous said...

I too have taken over a year off from trialing. My dog suffered an injury June 2015 and we are going in for a second surgery in December. But in that year off I learned that I really love the rehab part of the process and may pursue that as a career field, done a lot more agility judging and have loved exploring my course design process and also gone back to quilting, reading, and painting in the evenings. A lovely change of course but like you I miss trialing and hopeful if we can come back from this injury in 2017 it will be with more passion and truly remember to enjoy it each and every time! I am happy that I have had a few friends "loan" me dogs to get my agility fix with over the last months too!

Diana said...

Im glad you are back!! If I had a year to do what ever I wanted, I would travel the country. Go in my rv, with the dogs and see all the places that Ive always wanted to see.