Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Mind Seminar with Jaakko and Janita

What a WONDERFUL past week I had! Lynn and I headed down to Florida to work with the One Mind crew!!! First off...the weather was LOVELY!!!!! I mean PERFECT!!!

We played on the beach, we enjoyed the sun...and just took in what I would call summer :) It was nice to get away from the cold and snow of Minnesota. I'll admit I wasn't ready to go back home after just a week!

The seminar was wonderful...I really got a LOT out of it...I am a firm believer if you are going to go to a seminar...you need to really immerse yourself in the handling. I am from a LM background more so than anything but I kind of do lots of stuff...so I had to go against my instinct on it, but by day two I was getting there :) Lynn did wonderfully...perfect in fact. Good good dog!

For me the hardest part was which hand to use...I think for those of you that are into some of the Derrett stuff...it would be a much easier transition in that regard...seemed that way to me anyhow. It really started flowing for me on day two. I soooo wish I had been able to have at least one more day with them.
The moves were very natural, the dogs read them very well...and it started to really make sense. If I had it to do all over again...I would have audited the first two days. Hindsight is 20/20.

The thing I really enjoyed about all the work, is that it really helped you get down stream on the courses. Very technical courses...the hardest I have ever ran I think...challenge after challenge after challenge. Wonderful for my mental game and great to get you really working on the moves.

I went home with a LOT of homework...and how to apply it to what I am currently doing. There will be lots of moves I want to perfect...and the nice thing about it is, you don' t need a ton of jumps, just 4...to work on things. 

This seminar was out of my comfort zone for sure...it really pushed me. I didn't do everything perfectly, but that is what I want. I need to be able to figure things out. And it was perfect.

For those people that think they have "reworked" stuff from previous "inventors"...I challenge you to work with them. They want clear communication. Their instruction is very well put together, they explain things to a very high level and it makes sense. There are different spins on stuff, a different way to look at coursework and your dog...if you haven't worked with them one on one...you can't base an opinion on any foundation. They really opened my eyes to many things. MANY MANY THINGS.

It was also a ton of fun training along side others...I don' t get to train with other people very often so it was great to have people helping each other. I miss that part of dog training...soooo much. Talented people getting together and tackling challenges...amazing. Really motivated me to get better!

Here's just a TINY bit of video that I got from the seminar of Lynn and I working...lots of great stuff...

Did I get home and sign up for their premium online content? Yep! I did...very good instruction...what TO do and what not to do...gives you a great visual picture.

Would I work with them again? In a heartbeat!!! No doubt. I left the seminar recharged, ready to train my dogs...I haven't felt that in a good while. I had tools to increase the communication between us as a team! As well as helping all my students and seminar attendees. I plan on immersing myself in more of the methodology...

I wasn't at all ready to come back to the cold of MN...but a week was all I had. Next winter I think I am going to plan some longer trips south...I need that to keep myself sane up here in the cold.

I am already missing this...when can I go back??

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