Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shutting down the noise...

There's so much noise in cyberspace...

It's constant bombardment of information...of emails, of Facebook things, of texts. It can really be overwhelming.

Thinking I need to simplify stuff.
Ruse thinks I should totally simplify stuff...like all the way down to, THROW THE FRISBEE...let me fetch it...THEN THROW IT AGAIN!!!!!

Little changes. Like turning off my phone more. Which...is an issue for some (I guess I have been VERY VERY available to everyone for a long time)...says a lot about me doesn't it. Glued to my phone...not saying I am judging anyone (hello glass house! LOL) I just need a break I think. 

It will give me time to focus...no distractions.

At first it was a huge issue for me...seriously anxiety producing. And then I realized...WOW...that's really insane Loretta...it's a PHONE. Seriously. TURN IT OFF. 
I turned it off for almost an entire day this past weekend. And I have been turning it off a lot this week. The pups thought that was super cool. I thought for awhile they were jealous of my iphone 5...guess not ;-)

I hiked, I fished, I camped, I trained my dogs, I ran, I took in nature...all without beeps and buzzing...



I liked it.  
I am going to work at more days without the noise. Sure, I will still answer emails etc. But it will be once a day rather than whenever they come in. I hope people understand.  Because you miss stuff like this...
 And this...

Actually thinking about shutting down my Facebook account as well...I have a personal one, and one for the business. Will probably leave the business one...but cancel the personal one. Really on the fence in regards to that. Not ready just yet...will not be posting much though...baby steps right?

Probably should just delete it...like ripping off a bandaid :) But..yeah. Lets start with the phone.

Less noise can be a good thing.
Ruse does not agree with this logic...THROW THE F***ING FRISBEE!!!!!

Life is too short to miss things like this...way too short :)
The irony of this blog IS...almost all these photos were taken with my iPhone...crap. I guess I will be breaking out the big guns from now on ;-)

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