Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Just rethinking all the information I got from the clinic...it was good to have things reminded that I already knew but had forgotten...appreciation for my dogs is a good thing, and boy do I appreciate them.
Most dogs are not defiant...they want to please, it's up to us to show them what we want. 
 You must always take instinct into account...many times the dogs are just doing what is instinctive...watch your sheep, they will tell you the reason for your dogs actions.
 Get over it...accept the dog you have...not the dog you THINK you want.
 Our dogs are the best teachers...the best teachers we will ever have.
 Partnership and trust...you have nothing without it.
 You can MAKE a dog right...or you can show them HOW to be right...two different things.
 We breed these dogs to be the smartest dog in the world, but we treat them like they can't think for themselves...respect their intelligence.
 Don't believe your dog can't do something, you will only hold them back...believe in them, believe they can do everything and they will, to the best of their abilities.
 We mess up a lot...our dogs forgive...remember to extend that back to them.
 Don't panic...it never helps.
 What you do after a correction is just as important as the correction itself...you MUST RELEASE all the pressure and let go.
 Smallest change, slightest try. Reward the small things...don't ask for too much.
 Let the sheep help your dog understand what they do right and wrong. It will make more sense to them. 
Herding turns me into a very deep thinker :) Not sure if that is a good thing...but it is what it is :)
 Even is healing...the rest of the pups are healthy...

And it's time to go for a nice, long hike with the pups...


bonnie said...

Great words if Wisdom Loretta!!!
Thanks for Sharing

Kathy said...

Thanks so much for sharing. KK is always full of such good gems.

Mara said...

Thanks for the quotes - lots of wisdom in those words!