Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lessons Learned :)

Amazing how much these dogs can teach us if we just take the time to listen and observe :)

Trialed the pups on was a good learning experience on things.

First dogs react to me not feeling super well...still having some issues related to my heart...and also extreme fatigue (probably due to the heart thing). It's annoying...and it proves to be a mental strain on me at trials. But I need to just continue to work through it...without taxing my system too much.

Gator was a bit of a weirdo Saturday...he was anxious, making mistakes that are abnormal for him...I was getting frustrated. This dude really doesn't do much wrong...figured out it was his response to is always us isn't it? LOL

So I changed my approach to him and things got better...he felt good again, ran well and other than totally biffing a double in jumpers...he ran great after I figured that out. Poor dude doesn't know what to do when I am "off"...sorry Tater...lesson learned.

Using some calming techniques on him really helped settle his mind and relax him... I had to really work on my mental game to just also relax myself and not focus on the things bothering me. Thank you Gator for that lesson :)

Good news is, Gator hit all his aframes very nicely :) YAY!!!!!

That boy really wants to do the right thing, remember this Loretta.

Miss Lynn didn't seem to be nearly as phased by my issues ;-) Gotta love those girls!!!! She was a stellar stellar pup. Winning Gamblers, Snooker and Steeplechase and 3rd in Jumpers.  The only mistakes she really made were all me.

Standard...I'll admit I haven't worked THIS tough of a push off the aframe. She got the contact very nicely, but she knocked the #4 bar. I worked it at home this week...she still had some issues but worked through fault for not teaching that!!! Otherwise Standard was really a LOVELY run. She was very responsive all day...sorry kid, I guess that's why we trial, to see where the skills are and if we need to work on them. Noted :)
And then there is this run...Grand Prix...she had a GORGEOUS run going until the very end, DW to a jump. I couldn't figure out why she totally jumped the DW! I was astounded...until I went home and worked it....DUH...

GO means no collection/turn is needed...take whatever is in front of you, or just go straight...

Left or right means the end of the board, make your turn and then look either for direction or an obstacle depending on what I say...the first picture is a those angles she doesn't need to do anything different.

However...that was not the was the one directly below that...which to Lynn is a turn. I didn't cue it as a turn...confusion ensued...and a jump. Good dog. Bad mom. The details....all in the details.
I went home and sure enough....I was able to replicate this...both good and bad. Lynn was just doing her job, I confused her. 

So...needless to was all on me :) Once again my dogs humble me a bit...and show me that frustration doesn't do anything...why I need this lesson OVER AND OVER again is beyond me. I don't think I am dense....but apparently...LOL

Lynn is an amazing little dog. She really is...

This week we are back to focusing on the basics before the Regional this weekend...I'll admit, I don't know how well I am going to physically handle all three days plus all the my goal is to just have fun...enjoy my dogs for what they do. Let go of the rest. I hope I can do them justice...either way I am going to focus on the positive :)

Speaking of students just knocked my socks off this weekend...they are really coming into their own...I love seeing that change...the journey they are each taking. I don't care if they don't go to a National, or anything like that...but seeing them be confident...and enjoying trialing is so very much worth it!!! SO proud of my Full Tilt group...supportive, fun, and I just love them all!!!

Looking forward to the trip to see a ton of friends and run on some fun courses :) Regardless of the outcome I get to bring the most amazing and talented dogs in the world :)

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