Thursday, April 25, 2013

What a CRAZY April

Finally home...for a while :) It's been a very crazy month...just coming off of the last of lambing (and dealing with that all April)...I headed out to do back to back seminars. Lots of teaching, lots of driving!!

Chicago and the Omaha area were a blast...the different people, awesome dogs...just a lot of fun :) My voice held up thank GOD. I was very worried after the first weekend of voice. I took care of it, lots of herbal tea, cough drops and thank you very much AMAZON for your amazing shipping. I purchased a PA system (plan on taking it to each of my seminars from now on!!!)...That thing is perfect. Loud and clear and everyone can hear me without me having to scream! YAY!!!

Just pretend these pictures contain green grass...K?
I will be back again in the Omaha area in October...and if things work out right,  Chicago as well :) A fun fun teaching. These trips were nice as I could take my pups. I had room for only three, leaving some behind really was tough...but it was still nice to get to take some of them :) Feels like home if they are with me!
I did get Klink and Gator on different a-frames while in Chicago...I didn't in the Omaha area...just no time. They actually did pretty well. Gator didn't even try to revert! YAY! Klink THOUGHT about it...I figured she would. 

Going into the trial this weekend, I don't know what they will do. Gator is doing well with the fading. The bar is completely off the top of the box. He will try to some one hits...but in general most of his are awesome. I compare his to Lynn's aframes (she has missed two in her career) and he is hitting very  close to how she hits. So I am happy. Klinker is also being faded...she is doing pretty well. Still thinks about stopping every once in awhile...but it is getting less and less. :)
I have to admit...THIS stuff really gets me going...this is my passion. TRAINING. Sure...trialing is fine, I don't mind it...but training...that's where it's at for me :) It's fun taking my older dogs, and working with them again...having to re-figure them's a cool journey!
Even Steven and I will be getting back into her running contact training...I hated HATED...DID I MENTION HATED??? Leaving her at home while I traveled...but, I did. I missed her so very much. It was nice to get back to her :)

I got to see Andy for about 3 hours total...he headed off to Texas for the IFCS Championship thingie :) So far he is doing well, 1st in GP, 3rd in IFCS Std (teeter call), 1st in IFCS Jumpers, and 3rd in Steeplechase Round 1. It's kinda crappy not being there with him...but I will be trialing this weekend here in MN. It will be nice to actually get to SEE my husband :)
I didn't get many baby lamb regret of me being gone...but there are many of them...and they are growing SOOOO big!!!!!!!! LOVE watching them! Will try to get more pictures than this!!!!!

I had mentioned I had a trial this weekend...THREE dogs were supposed to be entered...but Lynn decided to come into season :( The club was SUPER nice, and gave me a refund...THANK YOU!!!!! But...honestly, I am very sad. Lynn is doing so damn well...I love running her!!! So, it's going to feel weird just running TWO dogs :)
Two dogs with retrained a-frames...we might not Q this weekend ;-) It's actually kinda fun with the "will they or won't they??"...adrenaline rush. I like it!!!! Maybe I am weird??

So...two dogs with not consistent a-frames...and Lynn in season...Michigan regional we will not be attending....glad I procrastinated...kinda :( Sigh...

Oh well...maybe this is the year I just cheer people on? If I have some wine, and good friends, I am set :) 

On top of all of this, I am starting to give some online lessons, which are fun and challenging...some via Skype, some via youtube videos, etc etc. It's fun to get to work with people all over the place :) If you would have asked me about doing this 5 years ago, I would have told you " way"'s taken on a mind of it's own :)
And some damn friends conned me into training for a 10K...because I didn't have enough going on anyway...right?? Life is crazy. But I love it.

It has been nice getting home though...when you teach, you give a part of yourself to those you teach. It's very rewarding, and I love it, but it does drain me. Being home recharges I have really enjoyed this week :)

I'm still knitting...and I am still taking photos...just got two new lenses in fact...and no, not just taking photos of dogs and other animals :) 
Not sure how May is going to pan out, I hope to enjoy some warm weather here in MINNESOTA!! PLEASE!?!??! Get some fishing in, play some guitar, run agility outside, and WORK DOGS ON STOCK...

Life is Good :)

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Diana said...

Congrats to your husband. Thats awesome. Im interested in on-line classes. Can you send me an email about prices and stuff. Thanks.