Monday, April 15, 2013

TRYING to catch up...who am I kidding?? LOL

I love teaching...gosh do I love teaching. 

Went to Dash K9 in the Chicago area and taught all weekend...had a freaking blast...

Changes in dogs, changes in handlers...good fun fun group!

Got Gator and Klink on different aframes...they rocked. Lynn was the bestest demo dog EVER :)

Got to train with friends, eat dinner with friends, laugh with friends.

Fed my soul :)

I am home for less than 48 hours and then head down to Iowa to visit and teach there. Another fun group.

Then come home...teach, and trial the following weekend...

Somewhere in there I am going to rest...I think? Maybe?

Maybe not.

It is good to be home, with my some point I hope to see my husband...he will be heading to Texas with the Crackhead to do the IFCS stuff ...I hope I get to see him for a few days this month! LOL

If you emailed me...I will get to you, promise :) 

This dog training stuff keeps me pretty darn busy :)

I wanted to post about Boston...the dumbfounded thoughts I had about the evil in the world. BUT...I am going to focus on the good things, good people, deeds, events, hearts, souls, everything...GOOD GOOD GOOD. There is far more good.  Praying for more good...

Hug your dogs, hug your family and enjoy the blessings you have.

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