Saturday, November 24, 2012

Been a LONG TIME :)

It has been a crazy crazy month...I am just trying to catch up! :) 

Got back from North Carolina teaching a seminar...the weather was GORGEOUS, and the sun was bright! I got to experience fall again for 5 days!! I always miss the fleeting fall that happens in MN. Seems to always happen when I am at USDAA Nationals!

So it was so nice to get to enjoy fall again :)
And to get to teach in such gorgeous places like this!!! 
 It was so much fun to come back to NC, to see the changes in the dogs and people!! WOW were there changes!!! I do love working on handling and all that fun stuff, but for me the most rewarding part of this game is the connection between handler and dog. THAT is where it's at. Getting inside the people's heads, the dogs heads and finding those answers! :)

This group had been working so hard since I was there in April, and I was so impressed with all of them!!! There are plans for me to come back again, so that will be fun! LOVED IT!!!!

Thank you so much Meagan for having me out! And the Parker's for putting up with me for a week at your gorgeous house. I was in HEAVEN!!!!!

While I was out in NC, Meagan got me hooked on knitting...
It's a weird kind of focused meditation...I love it...I am amazed at the ZEN it brings me! I am excited to try knitting at an agility trial! :)
Makes car trips go by super fast too!!!  Which brings me to Thanksgiving :) We headed to Missouri to see family for Thanksgiving...I haven't seen my family in a long time so it was good to make the trip south :) Warmer weather, greener grass, family...all that is needed :)

We took 5 pups with us, and left Ace and Zip at home. Ace HATES traveling anymore, and we have a great person that watches the farm while we are gone. We will leave Ace at home and she stays with him, it works out well for everyone :) Zip stays there for company and it works out great that way.

Plus I get to see my nephew :) He's freaking adorable, and missing teeth, and we get him in trouble, and my sister probably hates when we visit :) LOL But he's cute :)
 And a lot like his Auntie Loretta :)
My sister and BIL try to be all "you shouldn't be doing that"...and all parental and stuff...
 Screw that...Life is way too short!!!!!!

So enjoy family!
Drink a little!
...and huge giant teddy bears??!?!?!? WTF!?!??!!?
I'm not sure how that happened....odd...

Or this...
Yes...the family secret is out...we have alcoholic bears in the's a tough life, and requires a lot of counseling...but we make it through. Holidays can be awkward... :-)

So we had a long trip, got to spend Wednesday evening with family...then Thanksgiving morning, we got the text about Acer pup.

Sick, very...

When your almost 14 year old dog gets very sick, you go that's just what we did. Through the snow, and sleet and had no Thanksgiving to speak of...but we got home and I am glad we did. He was in tough shape.
The older dogs, they are so very special...and it's so very tough to see this stuff happen. Will it be their last week? What's going to happen? It all goes through your mind...I tried to stay positive.

So, fluids, meds, and lots of staying with Acer pup. He was very weak, and slept a lot...
I sat with him, and knitted...because...well, that's all I could really do. God bless knitting...
More care...Friday he was at least able to wag his tail and say Hi.

Today, he is showing a LOT of promise :)
He stood up today for short periods on his own :) He is eating little meals and keeping them down and nothing shooting out the other end ;-) He seems perkier, gums are more pink, and he's all wags today :)

I am praying this continues forward :) My old man...he's family. I am grateful I came home...grateful the husband was OK trashing our Thanksgiving to get home to him. Thankful for family that is understanding of the fact our pups are our kids :)

Luckily...we have some wonderful friends up here in MN...the husband made a Thanksgiving meal and we had a few people over to celebrate and enjoy the holiday :) Thank you...made it a great one!

And to all my friends on Facebook...lots of prayers for my boy, you have no idea how much that means. To know I have friends that care about Ace even if they haven't met him. It means sooooo much!

So now...we just relax for the weekend...
Staying in my pj's, knitting and spending time with my family :) That's what I am thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, belated :)


Hiking Hounds said...

Hi Loretta, This is Caron who has Astro the greyhound from Flagstaff. I just wanted to let you know that after your seminars we were in our first AKC trials and did well. We got our third novice standard Q in the second weekend of trials. :-) Also our first Jumpers Q in that weekend. We'll be in our first USDAA trial this weekend. Your seminars helped us so much, Thank You!

Sorry to read that Ace has been sick. It is really hard with the old ones. I'm a knitter too. I knitted my favorite scarf while my other greyhound was recovering from encephalitis almost two years ago. I hope Ace continues to feel better.

Loretta Mueller said...

I read your blog!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! So proud of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!