Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This past week has been a trying week...thanks to great friends I have really enjoyed life during this emotional time...

My procedure went off without a hitch...I was out most of Monday just in bed, feeling crappy. But the husband stayed with me and took care of everything. Thank you honey! Now we just wait for test results. 

We had two days of trialing, and it was back in Minnesota. It was fun getting to see everyone and I was back teaming with two of my friends. They were so upbeat and kept me laughing the entire day :)  

Our two teams both Q'd, Klink ran with Crackers and then Bonnie and ParTay (Crackers sister and the gal that made Crackers happen! :) Our team ended up 1st :) GOOD PUPS :) Klink won Snooker and got 3rd in Standard :) Crackers got 1st in Standard and Gamblers, 5th in Snooker (missed the last 7) and 2nd in jumpers (took a bar).

Gator ran with my friends Jen & Danger and Shelley & Trigger. We ended up 8th! It was great getting those Q's out of the way :) Gator really was running well! Ended up 1st in Jumpers, 3rd in Snooker and Gamblers & 5th in Standard.

Lynn sat it out, with her post heat, she was a bit weird, so I figured I could always get her Q'd up next time.

SHE...thought that was crap...

Saturday was good, Lynn actually had LOTS of lovely runs. I sadly caused some issues handling wise. Her contacts were LOVELY. Even a 90 degree turn off the DW she NAILED (I mean 4 feet in the yellow!!!!)...and driving into NOTHING! YAY STEWART!!!! GP one darn bar, Standard a refusal, Gamblers was just over her head :) But she tried, ADCH next trial :) Steeplechase Round 1 she WON!!!! Jumpers she was 3rd behind her sister Klink (took first) and Gator (took 2nd)...she ran SOOO well :) Speed was great, contacts great, weaves great, listening GREAT, me...less than stellar :) Oh well :)

Gator was a bit wild on Saturday...I messed him up in Gamblers...apparently I have been running too many 25 second openings because I ran out of crap to do! LOL OOPS!! Q'd in Standard, 4th in GP, 2nd in jumpers...

Klinker...what a freaking super star...1st in Standard and Jumpers, 3rd in Gamblers, 6th in Steeplechase Round 1. She runs so damn well at 22"...and is still very competitive...but...she was sore on Sunday :-( Will be going to the chiro this week to see how she is...Sadly I think she will be moving down to 16" which I am having very sad feelings about. Getting older sucks. Damn...I like my Stinky in 22" Championship...

Life happens I guess :)

Crackers and his human didn't have the most stellar day on Saturday...the human side was just "off"...but they did manage a win in Jumpers and Steeplechase.

No videos :-( Sadly...we need a new camera...suggestions welcome!

We didn't stay for Snooker...had a Halloween party to get to!!!!

PROOF I dressed up...I was a Roman chickie...or something like that :)
The husband was SUPPOSED to be a redneck...but...everyone thought he was Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump :) It worked :)
We seriously had a GREAT evening...we both missed running Snooker, but it was fun to get to enjoy friends and the fun party :) I think everyone, regardless of age, should dress up and enjoy Halloween! :)

The pups...they just rested :)
It was a great weekend, I got to see several of my students run, helped them with handling strategies. It was fun :)

Sunday brought a music benefit, all sorts of awesome bands, rock, irish, acoustic, classical, you name it. And all for a great cause :) 

A great diversion from the real life I was facing :)

Yes I am still not eating sugar :)
YUMMY breakfast!!!! :)

Weight loss continues...I am shopping for clothes as none of mine fit anymore :) Good times!!!!!

Next trial isn't until December...The dogs will get a bit of a break, which is a good thing! 

Winter is here, we are now in the barn :-( Sigh...oh well. I HAVE a barn :) For that I am grateful!!!!

This am I got such a cool email from a person that took a seminar with me...she was telling me about her trial, and how she was approaching running her dog differently. And that connection was there and STAYED seriously made my day. Knowing I have helped someone improve their relationship with their dog...priceless for me. Actually brought tears to my eyes.

I tell people, the handling is HUGE, but in reality...the connection to your dog is MORE important...I want to see that connection...SOOO neat to help people find that!! :) is good :)

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