Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's been a blogging. Just been doing things. Sorry folks...

July 4th and family and then my birthday, lots of fun :)

First off...getting dogs ready for the two back to back Regionals in August, hoping for some Semi-Byes :) Fingers crossed. Dogs are excited to be off their break...I am excited to be back training again. It's really nice :)

Still throwing around a stop and a run on Lynn's dogwalk. Hmmmmmm I am torn. Very torn. Like need a hug torn (ok not really.....). What do I do? Anyone want to tell me? LOL Right now I am just doing straights cause they make me happy :) LMAO! I think I am becoming Minnesotan...I am ignoring things I don't like! Oops!

Seminar this weekend :) Excited!!! Teaching not taking. I need to get my rear end to some seminars myself. I love being a student! But I love being a teacher too :) Fun, laid back, fun fun fun!

Two more seminars in October, one in November and one in January. I LOVE IT! :)        

Husband is looking at going to Spain next year for WAO ....I want to go to Spain. Sadly...unless we win Powerball (fingers crossed!) we BOTH can't go even if it was possible...that kinda is a bummer. Oh well, if he goes to these tough worlds thingies, I have an excuse to make his lessons a living hell :) Mwahahahaaaa! :)

Yes....I just said tough worlds thingies...don't judge me...

Klink hurt herself at the last USDAA trial...after rest, she is still hurting. to the rehab center she goes. Poor girl. It's in her front right, which scares the CRAP out of me!!!! Foot injuries are notoriously chronic :-(( Please think positive thoughts!

I just hope it's nothing super serious :-(((((

I'll try to come up with something more amazing on the next post :)

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corbinwooten said...

Hope Klink is okay!