Monday, June 4, 2012

Time for some ANALYSIS!!!! :)

I am not obsessive by nature...well not super bad. Sure...the husband broke a weave pole and he replaced it with a weave pole that was striped differently and I was NOT HAPPY...but IN GENERAL.
Uh...we beg to differ (SHUT UP...all of you. Or no pool time!)

My dogs are freakin' spoiled aren't they???


OK...well maybe I am...more than some, less than others. Lets just say with MOST THINGS I am pretty much "whatever"...that might be hard to believe? I don't know...

ANYWAY...Lynn has been having AWESOME DW' REALLY awesome, the last few trials. This past weekend at the Think Pawsitive trial, there were several DW's that I really had to HAUL to get to...I got there! YAY ME! :) Wanna know my secret...SEND AND RUN LIKE YOUR ASS IS ON FIRE...Yep...sends are GOOD :)

There however...were two she missed. I don't mark missed DW's (though many people have told me I SHOULD at trials...I don't)...I think the reason a dog misses is either confidence or confusion...or possibly wet contacts, slips etc etc. Or bad handling on our parts. For me to be able to judge Lynn's DW's while I am running full speed thinking about courses and handling...I feel that I am not a good judge at that point. SO...I figure better to err on the side of caution and logic :)
Thanks Ma...I appreciate it!!!!

Where VIDEO comes in! YAY VIDEO! I tell my students TAKE VIDEO OF YOUR RUNS! They don't...then they come to be saying their dogs did (insert bad thing here)...I can't answer WHY it happened...I didn't see the run :-( They figure out pretty quickly that VIDEO is a GREAT TOOL that helps Teacher Loretta help them! :) YAY STUDENTS! Click-treat! I decided...lets see WHY...with Lynn it was either confidence or confusion...or something else...which still comes back to ME.

So..I set up these issues at home...and saw what she did...she hit them. In the GP style setup I realized I moved LATERAL off the DW for the turn to the tire--AT the trial, I did not...OK...BAD ME. She was also not as confident at the trial...thus not driving as it. So it still goes back to me (imagine that) correct her for that...would not be fair. 

On the Team Standard DW...THIS I know she knows. She has done this TONS...seriously. It's a SEVERE FEAR of WAY behind. The funny thing about this is...this course is the FIRST TIME I have ever been behind! So again...set it up at home....huge send...even made it super tough with no movement forward from me. No issues... correct it would NOT have made her more would have lessened her confidence and increased her worries about it. TRUST me...on this one she KNEW she bailed...she actually got a bit stressed (stressed SUPER HIGH---aka barking and spinning and all over the place for the last few obstacles----that beats stressing low!! YES!!) marking it would have made that worse. No thanks. Again..comes back to me supporting her on this. Not tearing her down. 

As you can see from the videos...they told me what the issues were--video is invaluable...
NOW...I will say I was running with a pulled hamstring from totally doing a DORK ASS move of tripping over a rouge tunnel bag (IT ATTACKED ME OUT OF NO WHERE!!) during Klink's jumpers I wasn't driving super hard on that DW that I was way behind...AND I would have handled the the course differently BEFORE the DW if it wasn't a damn team run (NO E'ing allowed baby dog!)...So other factors..BUT...she has had that training :)

I wish I could say I was saving a small baby from EMINENT DANGER!!! I wasn't...yeah...

And I am eating better and running more...cause I need to, because I have to get there and that is the only option I am giving myself! LOL  

So...I have my analysis...and I will move on...that's why we trial, to test those skills...if I never trialed, I wouldn't know what to work on. GOOD STUFF :) Yay Stewart Little!

And...something I would have missed had I trialed this weekend :) SO worth it!!!
Thank god I have learned to not lose sleep over running contacts...YAY ME! :)

I just drink helps. I assure you...


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Oh how I love thee, running contacts.

Diana said...

Great post. The slow motion really helps too. Thanks!!