Sunday, June 3, 2012

Non Agility day...

It was needed...I felt bummed that I didn't go to the MAC USDAA trial, especially hearing about all the fun that was had, BUT...I really needed a non agility weekend :)

The dogs were very pleased with my decision :)
So I got the two younger girls out on sheep! They were AWESOME. Lynn was a bit of a bugger with pushing too hard...
 And falling in on her flanks...she has the very same eye as we had to work on just releasing her eye...she remembered after a bit :)
 I love how she can just take pressure and figure things out...good girl.
 Looking like her sire Jake right here....loved that dog.
 And here :) All under control...
 Amazing how huge the lambs have gotten!

Even got to come out and work too! I need to get these girls on several times a week if I can. They are both so nice!! Dang agility!!
 She is an interesting mix of her dam and her sire...I like it, different from Lynn, but the same in many ways.
 She gives to pressure better, still takes a good amount, but she does give nicely :)
I'm really excited I don't have any trials until the end of this month!! Gonna get the girls (all the dogs) out on sheep as much as I can! GAWD I missed it! 

My happy place for sure :)

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