Thursday, May 31, 2012

Utah and Lynn...Lots of Lynn :)

We had a blast in Utah :) was so much fun. To be able to share knowledge with people, and to have then apply it and improve is an amazing thing. Why I teach...I love it!!!!
So does Lynn :) Kristin was an awesome host...we drove to Idaho for an USDAA trial and on the way I got to see the amazing scenery this area is known for!
There is so much's overwhelming...WOW...gorgeous. We were talking about the differences in sheepdog trials...the length of outruns, range sheep etc...would be fun to work dogs out here sometime!

The USDAA trial was fun! Lynn needed a Steeplechase Q and a Team Q to get her Q'd up for Nationals. We had a team with an older dog (Jessie) and two baby dogs (Kristin and Tag and Lynn)...I didn't think we had a chance...but, the baby dogs did come through! Lynn ran great, won Standard and Snooker :) Had other great runs too...was flawless in Gamblers and Relay...I couldn't have asked more out of her. And her team ended up 2nd overall! :) YAY!!!

This was the first time she was running in deep dirt and she really tried to adjust. Good girl! And she hadn't been on a non-rubberized dog walk in FOREVER...I was able to get her on a non-rubberized before the trial and she handled it very well. She didn't miss one contact :) Even during a standard run with her worse kind of exit. Good Lynn!
Jessie, Tag and Lynn...none of them look very excited to have their picture taken :)

Lynn also got her 2nd Steeplechase Q--even though we had a 3-4 second arguement about the fact that there INDEED WAS A TUNNEL BEHIND HER SHE SHOULD TAKE...WINNING! LOL Brat :) top off the weekend...Miss Lynn won Standard on Saturday and got her MAD :) Counting down those Masters legs :)
We didn't get many runs on tape...but we got these :)
Now...back to the GORGEOUS landscape...
And look! A polygamy house---or maybe my host was pulling my leg...but still it's cool! It's all connected. Either way, it's cool :)

We took the pups for a hike...they had a blast, it was so sunny and warm and gorgeous! AHHH

Lynn thought we moved to Africa though...she was like WTF??? IT'S HOT!
It didn't stop her from running around though :)

Even where I taught the mountains were there to keep me company!
And...I am totally gonna be an agricultural dork...but I have never seen trench irrigation MN and where I grew up in Missouri...we just get enough rain. have to actually go out and open up irrigation trenches to flood your property! CRAZY! 
Oh...and I found Even's clone...kinda in looks but acts JUST LIKE HER...I love this puppy...Spec is her name...I miss her horribly and I made Kristin promise she would give her to me. I am plotting ways to make Kristin hit her head JUST ENOUGH to forget Spec is her puppy...then I will swoop in and take her :)
What a great trip! Other than getting badly was a blast!!!!!! is nice to be done with travel for a bit...the end of the 3 weeks of being gone is over :) Life is getting back to normal. Ahhhhhhhhhh.....

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Chris and Ricky said...

Cool landscape and what an amazing place to hike with the dogs!