Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally..Stuff and IFCS...

I am finally at the end of the 3 weeks of GO GO GO :) So this week I am spending time getting back into the land of NORMAL :)

First 7 day trip to Utah and Idaho was a BLAST! Aside from the awesome people I got to work with at the seminar (AWESOME!!!!!)...seeing the country was just amazing. The people are very nice and my hosts were just so much fun! I got to eat all sorts of different foods (I joke I live in the land of Wonderbread up here (yes white folks!) and well...yeah :) So I got to try Indian food for the first time...OMG YUM!!!!! I miss the food already! And my hosts! Ahhhhh....why can't I just live everywhere? I'll talk more about that in another blog post (I'l be posting everyday for awhile probably). But I had so much fun :) 

It feels REALLY GOOD to be home. The foster puppies left Tuesday so it is REALLY quiet here..

ONTO IFCS :) To say the boy and his dog did well is an understatement. I couldn't be more proud of them, from an instructor level and as his wife :) It was a BLAST...the team was great, coach Rachel was awesome :) As was Assistant Coach Dave. What an awesome group of people to get to spend the week with! 

I loved the feeling at this event, confidence, people were intense but not was just awesome. Got to meet lots of amazing people. See lots of amazing runs and just take it all in. I found I don't make the best spectator though...I wanted to be RUNNING! LOL But I did my best :) I loved seeing all the different countries...SOOO wish Russia had made it. The different kinds of

And the peeps from down under..running not their own dogs but borrowed ones...they impressed me the most...WOW. I got to get to know several of them quite well as one of my students dogs was on their was fun. Even got a cute kangaroo pin to remember them by :)

So without further are Team Crackheads runs :)

To say the husband is addicted is now an understatement :)


Anonymous said...

Yahoo team Crackhead!


Steffi said...

AMAZING runs!! Huge congrats to Andy, Crackers and you!!

Taryn said...

Simply amazing! What a team!

And Loretta, you must be living a dream! Not only do you have a spouse that understands/tolerates your sport, but he shares your obsession. Lucky you!

Chris and Ricky said...

Wow - that's all I can say!!! :)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I LOVE the video! Congrats to you all!