Monday, April 23, 2012

Puppies...and life...and seminars :)

First off...I went to South Carolina to give a 2 day seminar and a day of private lessons...I had a freaking BLAST.

This was my first time giving a real seminar...and by real I mean, not at my place :) I've done that before...but this was a "fly somewhere and talk to a bunch of strangers" dealio :) 

What a great group of people to work with! I didn't have ONE person say "I won't try"...everyone was open and they were all just a blast to teach! :) The dogs improved, the people improved and it was just SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping people! This seriously is a dream come true!

I had a blast, and only cussed ONCE...seriously. This AWESOME dog named Ryder just was FLYING and I said "HOLY SH*T"...OOPS! :) Everyone laughed so I think I am ok :)

So many very cool dogs, I LOVE seeing all the different breeds...and lots of things for everyone to work on.

Lynn came with, she enjoyed being an only dog and doing some demo stuff :) She met a new friend, a very cool BC named Gael--owned by Meagan S. I LOVE this dog :) Her attitude, her drive, just a NICE NICE working bred dog. And smooth :) She and Lynn became fast buds :)

A very nice gal I met during the seminar let us take the pups to her pool and go was so warm there I was just in HEAVEN. Thanks Karen!!! The south is such a nice place :) I miss it already!

Lynn had a BLAST with Gael in the pool :)
It was just such a fun experience, I can say I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT...I have two more in Utah in May and another in Iowa in October. And I will be going back to the Carolina's again in either August or September depending on scheduling :) It's so much fun connecting with people and helping! GREAT GROUP OF HANDLERS! :) GREAT GROUP OF DOGS...Thanks Meagan for hosting me! You are AWESOME!

I even met several blog readers!!! That was SOOOO FUN!!! :)

While I was gone---the lambs grew, the puppies got HUGE and are barking and walking everywhere!!! :)

But first day was pretty much shot due to a runaway horse in my yard. It took HOURS AND HOURS for them to catch the horse...seriously...I had to take dogs out on leash so they wouldn't chase the crazy horse...
Never a dull moment here huh?? Seriously...

Puppies...they are the fattest puppies So...introducing the Sumo Clan :)

They are barking...and are just so much fun. I started them on the potty box training and actually, they are doing REALLY WELL. So that will be the goal for the week. 
I wish I had time to spend just staring...but I am trying to get caught up on life :) 4 days away from the farm is a LOT. I did enjoy it though :)
I bite yo earzzzzzzz
Nom nom nom!
They are seriously cute...gawd. NO...I don't know who the daddy was :) Maybe a fat dog...a REALLY FAT DOG.

It's nice being home...we are back on the road Friday for a 2 day USDAA trial this weekend in Chicago. Then I have a weekend OFF (the husband is going to trial) and I will be taking me, the dogs and the RV somewhere...just to get away :) And then IFCS World Team with the husband....then leave for 7 days in Utah...what a crazy life this is becoming :) I love it though!!!!


Lisa G said...

Thanks for coming to NC and Thanks Meagan and Laurie what a great facility, Boomer & I had a blast come back soon

Diana said...

Thanks again for coming and helping me fix my problem. Im so excited to work on this and try to fix it. Things are always better when you feel like you have a plan.

achieve1dream said...

I LOVE those puppies names!!!!! Pez is adorable (name and face)!!