Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brain Storming and Puppies...

Ever have a situation where you can't figure out something?? Spot (Lynn's brother) has really been having a TOUGH TOUGH time with his running Aframe.  After much trial and error...we figured out it was a case of not rewarding correctly. His mom (and this is sooo very common with running contacts) was rewarding things that were not what she wanted. Spot started getting confused...and then he got worried and then things just fell apart. 

Running contacts can be tough because you have to react immediately, you can't second is or it isn't or it is one of those million areas of "grey" can be tough. But for Spot's sake we needed to be clear to him.

So we tried a few methods that were easier on Donna (including Rachel Sanders running Aframe method which I have used TONS)...but for Spot it wasn't...he got more confused. So we went back to the drawing board...with a method that is tougher on Donna, but easier on Spot.

We back tracked...and we are now getting somewhere. He is doing a 5'6" aframe...PERFECT? Sometimes :) But we have more speed and he is hitting more and more :) He was doing great as we were going higher...then as we got to the 5'6" height, he started remembering what happened we are working through it.  He does throw in some extra steps...but that is getting less and less. I think being too picky at this point in his learning will just make him think more. We need him to think LESS and just RUN :) The video below is to help his mom with her eye and what she should or should not reward---I omitted all the "totally without a doubt you should reward" as she is good at marking those :) First full speed....then slowed down half speed. And a couple of Lynn :) Cause she wanted in the video!

Donna has been coming over other times during the week and I have been the one marking what is good or bad. For's working well for him :) He's really coming along.

He is honestly 300% better than he was :) He's getting it and I am even seeing times where he NAILS it and gets a Jack Pot! He'll get it :) And his mom is getting better and better at seeing what to reward and what not to reward :) Good things are happening! We are not going to get perfection overnight :) But Donna is a hard worker and I know she wants this running Aframe more than anything...I love students like that! :)
And now...PUPPIES :) 2 weeks old today...and their eyes are JUST starting to open. They are walking around like little drunks :) And are starting to even out in growth...they EXPLODED the first week....I thought Bonnie was bred by a St. Bernard! But they are more normal sized now :)

And now for some candids :)
 Spree again :)
 Twizzler again :)
 Twizzler, Snickers, Rolo and Spree :) Bottom to Top
 Skittles in my lap :)
No idea who this is :)
I realized I didn't get any of Pez....he was underneath momma...LOL Apparently camera lady wasn't wanted :)


Diana said...

Yea , hard to see when your dog hits the contact when you are running trying to drive your dog. Then you have your husband tell you if the dog hit while you are running, which leads to fights because he is unsure or he clicked and didnt mean to. Im glad I finally could release him from his job before we got a divorce. LOL An adventure for sure.

Chris and Ricky said...

Love the candid shots of the puppies!

Your students are so lucky to have you! :)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I am SO glad the aframe came for free!

Loretta Mueller said...

Diana---it really can be yes, but your eye DOES develop :) PROMISE!!! I wouldn't want to have my husband call it though...I would be in the same boat as you! LOL

Chris--thanks :) I am lucky to have them actually :) At least that's how I feel!


Kathy said...

The puppies are sooo cute!!! I think that is the biggest thing about teaching any running contact is that developing the eye at real time, my eye is getting better but still not anything to brag about. I wish you were closer, you have to be so much fun with your enthusaiasm to work with!!!!