Sunday, March 25, 2012

Whole Lotta Doggies!

It's been a weekend of dogs :) First my new nephew! :)
Isn't he ADORABLE?? Border Collie cross puppy from the humane society :) FUN FUN FUN!!!!

And another dog...Meet Miss Bonnie :)
I have been wanting to "give back" for quite some time to rescues...I used to be VERY involved in dog rescue when I lived in Missouri...and when I moved up here things just got busy and crazy. Now...I have a bit more time and I thought I would take in a foster. Insert miss Bonnie---she is super cute (about half way between Even and Crackers in size) and VERY PREGGO :)

I picked her up last night and she was so very tired...a long day in a van, then a vet check, a bath and all that little girl wanted was a place to sleep. She fell asleep as soon as I started driving...

Got her home and she was very sweet :) Got her all set up and she was out again instantly :) Slept all night, kept her pen and kennel clean. No barking...nothing! Whatta sweetheart!
I'm letting her just chill today, she needs to just relax and recover. I am spending little bits of time with her, but she is very tired so I am not bothering her too much :)
She's a content little girl :) Is very happy, all wags and friendly :) Wants lots of love :) And Bully sticks :)

I'll start taking temps try to pin point when she will be whelping :)

I've been training the keeps them quiet :)
We are working basics...jump grids and weaves, stuff like that. Lynn is getting better and better at  swimming her weaves :) Whatta good kid! Klink HATES this particular weave drill, she likes to turn into me, so we do a LOT of this in the spring to proof her staying IN.  She gets better and better with work ;-) Gator does Crackers.

Jump grids, the older dogs are doing great, they have had lots of grid work. Lynn is doing well, but still not as relaxed and on the rear as I would like...will keep working that. Even is a LOVELY jumper...holey moley! She is so much like her mother....very relaxed and workmanlike. It's AWESOME! :) Crackers needs more work as he isn't as confident...will keep trudging on.


Chris and Ricky said...

Fabulous training! Love it!

Good luck to Bonnie - such a sweetheart! Hope she has any easy time of it.

Amis said...

Thank you for all that you do with rescue dogs! It is greatly appreciated! :o)

Loretta Mueller said...

Chris--I hope Bonnie has an easy birth too!!!! Fingers crossed!!

Ami---it is SOOOO rewarding! I will keep doing this as much as I can!!! :)

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Lovely video of your dogs training. Such high energy and FUN! best wishes, Karen @ personalized dog collars