Friday, March 23, 2012

List of things...

Random lists of things:

My ewes are still pregnant...beating head against wall. I don't see how sheep can get ANY BIGGER...

Mia is still cute :)

I am going to be teaching a seminar in North Carolina! FUN!!! Foundations, Novice and Masters Handling and Tight Turns!!  (and maybe some running contact stuff) And Private lessons!! SO EXCITED!! I will pass the details on when I get them's April 20-22nd :)

Then I have a trial in Chicago!! It will be good to get back into trialing :)

Lynn has become a gamble dog...apparently latent learning ROCKS...breaks are GOOOOOOOD :)

I am getting a Foster's weird--I'm picking her up late at night...I feel like I am doing some kind of illegal purchase...she is a Terrier cross---and is PREGGERS. Or she's a drug mule...not sure which ;-) If she's full of blow I'm gonna sell it and insulate and heat my barn :) Not before making her a great pet that someone will want to love (JUST KIDDING!!! kinda). 

If she actually has puppies, I'll raise them and take LOTS of pictures and videos :)

Time to give back a little and a litter of puppies is FUN :) I LOVE PUPPIES!!!

And yes...I ok'd it with my dog wrangler :) I think I will owe her a kidney after this!

Spot (Zip's pup) is with us for the week--he's super cute :) And really sweet :) And he eats ANYTHING...must be the lab he was raised with :) His sisters think he rocks....they have been beating the snot out of each other constantly.

Oh...and his mom had him groomed so he smells good and so does my entire house :) Too bad he's getting covered in mud and gosh knows what else...oops :) But! He's HAPPY! :)

So is gonna be insane for a bit...but WHY NOT! Spring is here! Life is GREAT and I am ready to get this ball rolling!


Catalina said...

Maybe your sheep need to eat some chile peppers or something! Pop those baby sheep out! If you eventually need a puppy watcher - I could help you :) I like puppies!

Have fun at the seminar! That's really neat!

Loretta Mueller said...

Thanks C! I will have fun! You are more than welcome to come see them when they are born! :) FUN FUN!