Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Not sure I want to be back :) But we are back!

Arizona was LOVELY...warm, sunny and just MARVELOUS! Winter vacations are THE best! If I ever wondered why the husband and I went to college and worked hard, it's for trips :) If you ask me anyway!!

Our trip did get cut short, we ended up coming home Monday instead of escape a possible blizzard (what a welcome MN!!)...

The resort was just GORGEOUS!
I spent most of my time here if I was chillin' :)
See? My feet...lounging out :)
The view from my chair :) Ahhhhhhh
Sure beats Minnesota winter!!!!!

I had a few cocktails :) Just a few!
And got see some amazing sights!!!

On my bucket list is to see the Grand we rented a car and off we went. Gorgeous scenery on the way there...
The Grand Canyon is amazing...that is really all I can say. The sheer size of it was just so overwhelming. I had a horrible internal conflict, go to the edge and take pictures OR...stay back because my horrible fear of heights, plummeting to the ground, death, blood...not good. I decided a bit of adrenaline was worth it...but my primal side was screaming GET AWAY FROM THE EDGE YOU CRAZY BEOTCH!!!! NOW NOW NOW!!!

Alas...I took pictures...seriously, if you have never gone, you should GO! So ahead...lots of pictures of the canyon :) If you don't like rocks, you might wanna press fast forward!

The people are SOO TEENY!!!

It was so amazing...I'd love to hike to the time!!!!!

Another shot of the mountains around Flagstaff area.
I also drug the poor husband out on a horseback ride...he is NOT a rider, but he had a BLAST :)
Getting all saddled up :)
All ready to get going!

Going into the desert on horseback...HIGHLY recommend.
Nothing like it...I got creative towards the end and my horse and I kinda went off the trail...hee hee...screw the rules. We had fun. And my horse perked up and was very interested to not be on the same trail :) We had FUN!!!
The husband and horse didn't care for his horse...can you see "THE LOOK"...yeah...
I SOOOO missed riding...I need a horse...the husband is going to kill me if he reads that :)

The FINAL stop...was Sedona...Sedona is my happy place. Peaceful, GORGEOUS, and I just feel so at ease's amazing....and you are going to be flooded with a LOT of pictures of red rocks :)

We spent the night there, at a little cute hotel...and ate at a little Bistro type restaurant that I think made THE BEST Pizza I have ever was just HEAVEN...ahhhhh

When we got there the sun was I got some quick pics of the rocks as the sun was going down.

The next day the sun was shining, it was nice and warm (ok probably by Arizona standards no...but by Minnesota standards?? OH YEAH!!!)

The city of Sedona...what an amazing place!!!!!

I think I could live there....seriously. GAWD.

So then we got news of the blizzard hitting Minnesota...and we decided to try to avoid it...I was missing the dogs, and well, we wanted to not have to have our dog wrangler have to keep them for several more days (one can only punish a person for a certain time!)...

Flight kept getting pushed back..but I didn't care....
Drinks help with that...

The flight made it home (obviously...I'm blogging) and the pups and I were reunited :)

But MAN...I wanna go back....9 inches of snow and horrible winds are really making me rethink this!

I mean do you NOT love that!


Shenna Lemche AKA Project Leader said...

Gorgeous!!! I was hoping you'd bring back pictures of red rocks. Yay!

Can you get kicked out of the canyon? I just imagine going there and yelling swears into it to see if it echos back...

Catalina said...

Ahhhh what a nice vacation! So much nicer to look at your pictures than outside at the snow. Soooo glad you came back!!! I was a little worried you might stay down there (I wouldn't blame you) and then we would have to fly down for our lessons :P

Greg S said...

So I guess you didnt walk out on that glass bottom platform thing they have at the canyon now? I would do it if I ever go there again.
Arizona seems to be the perfect place for a winter home. Years ago I got to stay in Sedona for a couple days and yes, very cool place! Thanks for the pics.

Chris and Ricky said...

Looks so amazing! Glad you got to go and have such a great time!