Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seeing Red....

This is Mia :) She is a red dawg...
She is a very cute red dawg :)
No...I don't have a new dog :) She's a project for me :) She is a half sister to Klink, Lynn and Even and she is going to try her turn at learning about agility and also working sheep once my ewes lamb.
It's fun working on things with her. She has never worked on shaping before...and she hasn't been getting it the first few days she has been here...show me! She says...but then today....a HUGE light bulb went off...she figured out SHE can do something and make me give her cookies! How empowering! LOL She's really super cute. And I hope that she will continue to move forward!
She's got one AWESOME recall...that is one great thing about her, I don't care WHAT is going on, she comes barreling at you :) She rides in the car well, crates well, is friendly with all other dogs. Her main issues are that she does tend to get spazzy over motion (expected!) and she doesn't play with toys (never exposed to them)...neither are really "issues" but things we will be working on while I have her :)
I plan on posting about her and taking videos of her progress :)
So far she knows to come to me and sit...and now, today she offered a nose touch on a kleenex box (I have a cold...it was close, so there! LOL) and tomorrow I am going to start playing with her crate. She isn't super excited about going into it and she likes to just bulldog her way out when I open the door :) So we will be working on that.
She totally reminds me of Klink...SOOOO much :) And FAST...she has AWESOME ground speed (though I expected that...she is built nice and she IS related to my pups ya know! LOL)
I'm excited about sharing her with the world, she's adorable if you ask me...and I don't even care for red dogs normally!
But seriously...who doesn't love tons of freckles...and this face....really....
So Welcome Mia to the Full Tilt pack!!


D said...

She is so adorable. Can't wait to meet her. That will be so much fun to have a project, that you aren't obliged to keep.

Sometimes, I think I'd like a project. Then I remember.. I have two unfinished projects that I am obliged to keep. LOL! Have fun!

Diana said...

Wow is she cool looking!!!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

So cute! I can't believe you don't really like red dogs!!!

Chris and Ricky said...

Mia is adorable! Love her unique redness!

Ok, maybe I can send Ricky to you. He spazzes about motion and doesn't play with toys! :)