Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What kind...

Of things do I work on with my dogs...

I was thinking about this, as each of my dogs is very different (you'd think with all of them related like a little hillbilly clan this would be lessened---no offense to hillbillies that read the blog--but no...they are all very very different dogs)...I have things that I HAVE to work on with each dog, on a regular basis...and it's funny how they change...evolve, and I have to constantly adapt.

It would be great if, once we got the dog trained, it was TRAINED. That is somewhat the situation, but the "compulsories" are still there. Each dog has their weaknesses. I train weaknesses. Strengths are not nearly as important to me to focus on.

I don't train my dogs much...not trying to sound proud, pathetic, or whatever. It's just a fact. I really, REALLY don't train my dogs very much. We go on lots of walks/hikes/runs. They jump over rocks, run their asses off in the fields, tug with each other, so they stay fit. I do ball work with them to work on core strength. But we really don't train much. I enjoy dogs being dogs, I enjoy being with them, and I do like training, but I don't like drilling, or training for long periods of time. Just not my style. I have no doubt my dogs would do it, but when I trained MORE, it didn't make my dogs more successful. It did however, give them more sore muscles and chiropractic visits. aside...sorry. I get stuck on tangents...oops :)

So... compulsory exercises...for each dog (or past dogs I have ran and are now retired)

Ace--DRIVE...straight lines...and driving out of turns (he didn't care for turns) TUNNELS and more tunnels...he loved tunnels, they put him in drive, so TUNNELS WE DID! :)

Zip--weave pole entries (why collect??) START LINES (freakin dog) and reading decel (which that dog got DAMN GOOD at doing)

Klink--Extension to collection--aka tunnel to a jump needing a wrap...driving into 2 on 2 off positions. Call to heel and side (while barking her fool ass head off and still paying attention to her job!). She's the hardest dog I have ever trained...but at 6 she is really becoming a team player :) Yay Stink!

Gator--COLLECTION COLLECTION COLLECTION--Gator likes to be FORWARD--ALL THE TIME, I reward collection a LOT. Weave entries--though he's really getting those with no issues now...but we keep working them every session just a few. When Gator doesn't get worked a ton, his collection goes to a whole lotta crapola. Gator luckily loves his momma so he gets back into the swing of things quickly. Gotta love biddable, but not soft! :)

Crackers--The husband :-) We work on the husband, a LOT. Crackers freakin' rocks...I'm gonna club the husband and take his dog. Just sayin'... In actuality...Crackers just driving to the end of the teeter (since he has to stay there for it to tip---for like FOREVER!) and some jumping :)

Lynn---I swear this dog is the second chance I have at running her mother...even her DW's have settled into happiness :) I seriously love this freaking dog. When she is not biting me :) I don't have the DW as a compulsory at all with her anymore. It's my job at this point to handle her :) So for Lynn I work on basic jumping skills (excited Stewart Little likes to go flat flat and bar knock...naughtypants!)...and, we do weaves to keep solidifying her footwork (she is swimming the weaves now BTW)...

Even--STOP DOING 70,000 BEHAVIORS AT ONCE...PICK one :) No vertical jumping and slamming me in the chin. YOU ARE NOT A TERRIER :)

This weekend should be interesting! Lynn hasn't been worked for several days, she got something that looks like a thorn in her paw...I soaked it with Epson salt (thanks Diane and Monique!!!) and a bunch of goo and the thorn thingie came out! OUCH!

I think she will be just fine by the trial, but who knows. Time will tell. But I DO know, she will be going into the weekend with NO training...oh well. It's just one day :) I need to just see where she is anyway since she hasn't trialed since before USDAA Nationals :) I will just trust my training (or lack thereof) and go with the flow! WOO HOOOOOO! :)

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