Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lists, Lists and More Lists :)

Countdown to Nationals begins...the dogs all got worked tonight, they did great. All the Foundations have been worked, and they seem to be running well :)

So the list of things "needed to work on" is getting less and less. A good place to be right before a big competition.
Zip thinks all the extra attention I'm giving them is bullshit. So here's her time in the spotlight :)

We have a new ram, Jello needed to go after he tried to kill me, oh like 10 times. Its a crappy picture, but you get the idea :)
We named him Honey Badger, cause he doesn't give a shit :) Super nice tempered ram, hoping he makes some nice babies too :) Check that off the list :)

Fall is here...this is the first year I am really enjoying it instead of freaking out about WINTER...da da da dummmmm...I love fall. So I'm just soaking it all up :)
One of my favorite holidays, my costume, got my location to party it up...thinking I'm all badass...then I get a photo of my nephew in HIS costume...
Damn...he wins. Freaking kid. How awesomely amazing is THIS? He won some costume contest...he is rocking that pirate costume man!!!!!!

Speaking of lists....Question for all of you have a bucket list? I was thinking about that of my things is to learn to play guitar, which I am well on my way. Weekly lessons and lots of practice. Good stuff :) If you do have a bucket list, I would LOVE to hear what you have on your list! I think it's always so much fun to see what others cherish in their lives!


D said...

That is an awesome pirate costume! Wow.

My bucket list (I really don't have an official one) would probably have alot of destinations on it. I want to travel more and see it all. Hawaii is high on the list, I've always wanted to go there.

Anonymous said...

I read this at the airport and just realized that I forgot to comment ;-)

My bucket list is not really a list that I maintain. It's more of I hear about something and think "wow,that would be cool to do". Of course, there are somethings that have been on it for sometime.

-Travel to Africa---see some archaeological sites
-Get a patent
-run a marathon
-See the Tour De France in person
-See the Olympics is person

Some stuff that I have done!
-Concert at Red Rocks in Colorado!
-skinny dipped
-traveled to Europe
-touched the stones in Stonehenge
-gotten back stage at a big concert
-watched sunset and sunrise on the same day
-been on a archaeological dig
-driven a car in England (and not crashed)

And perhaps, not strangely stuff that was on my bucket list but isn't any more. Things that have fallen off the list for one reason or another.

-Attend Burning Man
-brew my own beer

See you next week!

Loretta Mueller said...

AWESOME BUCKET LIST BARB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!