Monday, September 19, 2011

Where the H*LL have YOU been??

Um...not blogging? :)

I know I know, I'm a total slacker...I've been outside, like for the past 2 months. I'm one tan, relaxed and happy gal.

But fall is coming, and I'm trying not to panic...thinking of all the fun things winter has to offer (I have one thing on my please help me if you have suggestions :)

But for now, I'm focusing on autumn...and my favorite part about autumn...
DAMN STRAIGHT...candy corn, high fructose corn syrup goodness. I buy many value bags, one can live on candy corn and pumpkins made of sugar. Just take your gummy for me, no weird twitching or scurvy to speak of...yet. If this crap could be frozen and kept, I would eat it year round...unfortunately, I tried this, it doesn't work, they taste funny. peeps, Cadbury Creme Eggs and my mama's Christmas Carrot Cake...I wait for that time of the year. Freakin' annoying. But BOY IS IT YUMMY!!!!!!

I'm cooking...yes, hell froze over, and I need to adopt some children or something because I am cooking/baking HUGE amounts of food. If you want to come to my house, please invite yourself. Seriously...I can feed you, the husband travels and I can't eat 17 pounds of lasagna, but I feel compelled to cook it. I am also baking cookies...lots of them. Like daily...please, come eat all this damn food.
See?? Right lasagna right before going into the oven...YUMMMMMMMMMMM You want some right? And this is the real shit man, RICOTTA cheese, 4 cups of mozzarella, parmesan cheese, sauce and lots of meat...please come eat...I use butter everything that requires me Paula Dean :)

I went to the Minnesota State Fair--if you want to feel better about yourself, go there. Seriously. Self esteem will be at an ALL TIME HIGH. I figure I'm helping someone else's self esteem by being there, might as well get some thing back out of the deal :) I mainly went for the Dairy Cattle Show...yes as in MOO...
Look at the jugs on those girls!! :) I'll admit, I teared up a bit when I walked into the barn, I missed showing so very very much. I miss my cows, I miss all the people. It was fun watching the show, and I got my all time favorite food--COTTON CANDY. Yummmmm it was a great time spent people watching, cow watching and having fun with friends :)

And yes! I'm still married :)
Apparently if you don't go to a few trials with said husband, you are "in marriage trouble"... :) Nope...we are happily married, sure, I had a gun pointed at his heart so he would take this picture with me...but that's marriage right??!?!? Right ladies?!!?? ;-) AND YES, that is us bundled up to run agility...on Labor Day Weekend...ridiculous. I don't wanna talk about it.

Oh...I'm also drawing my pictures for the "got my ass kicked by a tunnel bag" story...don't fret, I'm working on it :)

I've also been hanging around these a lot...
I love Fire...Fire makes Loretta very happy. Fire plus hot chocolate spiked with Bailey's on a cool, fall evening? PERFECTION people...PERFECTION. Smores are good too...and playing guitar around a fire totally brings me back to my hippie days...oh wait...I'm not old enough for that...well whatever. Back to nature or some shit like that?

I've been training my dogs...not trialing, but training. It's been fun. We are working basics, got the 22" weave poles out so my dogs could go WTF LADY!?!?!?!! Yeah, I know dogs...we've been weaving 24" since USDAA Nationals last year, I know...sorry, here, have a frisbee and be happy about it (the beauty of dogs is that works!!!)...
We are working basics, collection, turns, collection, contacts, collection, weaves, collection. Did I mention collection??? Klink is planning to slit my wrists in my sleep, Gator just barks at me, Lynn does it perfectly and the rest of the dogs are plotting her death too...Crackers is getting trained I think...not sure? :)

I've been finding hilarious pink hats and taking pictures of myself with them...why? Because I can, is there another reason needed? I think not!
And Lynn decided to try to kill herself twice in about a matter of 2 minutes this weekend. Spending some time at a friends house, Lynn decided to go hang out at the bee hives on the property, and got stung a crapload...and not 1 minute later, she jumped right onto a cactus that was planted on the property...poor girl needed some thorns pulled out and some doses of Benedryl, and she hid under the table for the rest of the day, but she's safe.
Why my friend has bee hives and a cactus planted on the property...I'm not really sure. My friends are weird. I'm sure that doesn't surprise you :)

So...I'm gonna start posting again...I think :) At least you know I haven't died...winter will set in soon and you will have so many posts you'll wanna vomit :) I PROMISE!!!!


Jaenne said...

I have the same cooking problem in the winter...but I work in a "normal" office so leftovers would generally be taken there and I can trust my co-workers to take care of that "problem" for me...although I bought an upright freezer last weekend so they probably won't get too many leftovers this winter! I've been waiting patiently for the "tunnel bag kicked my ass" story and pictures...speaking of pictures, how far behind are you? :-)

Robin said...

I love winter because
a) my fuzzy blanket collection
b) knitting and wearing wool sweaters
c) curling up on the sofa under the fuzzy blanket with 4 dogs piled around me knitting winter sweaters.

I can't wait!

Plus I love practicing my utility exercises in the snow. The dogs are so feisty and full of themselves when it is snowing.

I can't wait!

Amis said...

You said PEEPS.

Sare said...

Oh have no fret winter can be fun! We'll turn you into a true Minnesotan yet. Glad you are finally going to join us for our annual winter camping trip. You will have fun I promise, no bugs and no TICKS!

Lasanga looks great, I need to start carbo loading so after our lesson tomorrow would be great - lol.

Kirby @ Dog.Nerd.101 said...

Ha, awesome post. I can relate, I've been on a blogging vacation for the past two months, and just wrote my welcome back post today! I think you live pretty far away from, or else I'd definitely come and get some lasagna!

Sarah Duke said...

I am jealous of this thing you call "autumn" ...