Sunday, August 14, 2011


I think I'm at least about half caught up...figure I should post something? Maybe? :)

First off...picture a day...WTF was I thinking? HAHAHAHA! It's not gonna happen. Yeah...I take enough photos yeah... catch you up...the barn...
While I was out at agility camp, the 3 charges that stayed home helped get the barn going :) Corner posts set...supervising the crew, ya know, the important things :)

Now...onto CAMP!!! Contact Sports Agility puts on this amazing camp every year, Diane pulls out all the bells and whistles and brings in awesome teachers! Jen Pinder, Rachel Sanders, Jen Crack and Mary Ellen Barry were teaching this year.
Klink took LOTS of notes :)

I've worked with everyone but MEB before...and they were all great! MEB was awesome, just awesome. For me to get goosebumps about agility again was just FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!! I was pushed way out of my comfort zone and it was just so refreshing. Since there isn't anyone up my way to really take lessons from, this is the one time each year I get to completely immerse myself in the training and handling :) LOVE IT!!!!

I have to say MEB was the one I really got a ton out of...she said things differently than I had heard it before...and she pushed me, I loved it. I wish she was in this area more!!! GREAT INSTRUCTOR!!!! If you ever get a chance to work with her, jump on it! Super nice gal too :) They're all great, very pleased to get this opportunity.

I got to switch between Klink, Gator and Lynn...I was worried that it would be too much for Lynn...but the little bugger handled it so well! She has several fans now, and a few that I will make sure I keep an eye on so she doesn't get taken :)
But really, how can you resist this face???

Klink and her teammate Solo got to run together in the same group...they worked on all their strategies for Nationals along with their buddy Jet.
Solo also was abused by her mother...apparently some humans like to cuddle...
And Solo would like those humans to kiss her furry ass...just sayin' :)

It was a great camp...I learned a lot, have tons of information and it was a lot of fun getting that kind of intense instruction. I wish I had it more often!!!!!!!

Lynn made a new friend while we were there :) Rachel's dog Stewie :) Since I call Lynn Stewie, it was very confusing to both of them :)
I had to really concentrate NOT to call Lynn by her nickname :) Oops! 4 days of agility fun...and there was the Regional, we'll talk about that in a bit.

It's like REALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!
Still can't believe this is happening :)

And now I have to figure out footing...any ideas? Anyone?? Please help!!!!!!

So the barn is up, trusses up, everything looks amazing. The next morning, a bunch of men show up...with a big trailer...I'm thinking OMG THE OUTSIDE IS GOING ON!!!! IT'S REALLY GONNA LOOK LIKE A BARN!!!!!!! They worked for a good amount of time...AND...
I got a door! LMAO!!!!!!!! I'm hopeful for more this next week :) the regional...3 weeks on the road, and I was tired I had 3 dogs in Grand Prix Finals on the last day and I just went home early without running them. Needed a break apparently :) Gator got hurt (he's healing up nicely now), so he wasn't running and I just decided being home was more important since the two older dogs had their Semi-byes already.

Dogs ran great..., Klink and Crackers team with Jet got 3rd out of 70 teams, Gator's team Q'd and Lynn's baby dog team was just 30 points from Q'ing. So I'll probably stick her with two solid dogs for the next team event. Crackers did great for IHC points etc...Many placements in classes etc..I'll get around to vids sometime :)

BUT...for ME, the best thing about the entire weekend? The name of the game for the weekend was DW's into nothing...or DW's into turns...not one straight away to be had all weekend...and Lynn missed NONE. She got all her DW's!!!!!!!!! I think the little bugger is getting the idea to just keep running!!! :) YAY!!!!!!! And she gave me her first "almost as great as at home" teeter! Things are coming together :) Love it!!!!

Here's video of her DW's :) And her pretty teeter...I'll get around to the rest sometime :)

Soooo...after all that, I needed a break...and I am taking one. The dogs haven't been worked, I'm not attending two weekends of trialing 20 minutes from my home. We are just hiking and playing...and I spent some time with friends doing what I love doing :)
Being on the water....and...
Catching fish :) Ahhhhh...peace and happiness restored :)

And because it's cute...Vittles on our walks :)

I'm gonna try hard to update more :) TRY is the main word :)


K-Koira said...

Wow, that sounds so fun and so busy. A break is probably about due for sure!

An English Shepherd said...

That barn is big... :-)

Anonymous said...

Yahoo for barns and being excited about agility all over again:)

My favorite footing is sand/sawdust mix. Doesn't pack and the sawdust helps hold the moisture so it doesn't get as dusty.

Taryn said...

Wow, what a barn! I am SO jealous!....but probably not of the bill it's making :-) As to flooring, Clean Run has an article in their magazine forum about it: . If the link doesn't work, just go to the Clean Run site, then magazine forum, them their Articles's in there.