Sunday, June 19, 2011

So Happy...

I didn't sign the dogs up for 2 days of trialing...we took the Full Tilt crew to the Agile Canines USDAA trial and I was SOOOOO happy they had it indoors! It was raining and in general just yucky. It was nice to be dry and not have to worry about crappy footing :) A huge thanks to Agile Canines for putting extra effort in for that...a great trial for sure!

Day 162: Um...K...
Really Even?!?!?!? You grow up with a camera in your face and this is the best you can give me...beating head against wall...

Anyway...back to the trial....I wasn't feeling great at all...still am not actually, but I ran anyway. After the last trial, I was a bit miffed that my dogs were not landing where I expected them to (ok except for Lynn)..why is that? Well...I wasn't TRAINING them :) I got away with it for a few trials anyway...My dogs default is extension...which they can get away with on great footing...but on so-so footing it's not good. Plus...tight turns are where it's at. So this past week I went back to foundation exercises, collection, grids, etc etc. and I saw the return of being able to know where they would be landing :) Yippeee!!

I am NOT a reactive handler...or I try my hardest not to be...I hate that feeling of not having control. So for me to have to default to reactive handling...ewwww. NO LIKEY. That made me realize I needed some foundation work. Aggravation is motivation right?

Gator had a perfect day...running and listening very well :) Placing in all classes and winning Standard. His pads (from them being blown at the last trial) held up pretty well...but they were a bit sensitive I'll have to watch them. He was collecting very nicely...great contacts, listening etc... training helps...damn :)

Klinker also had a great day...I really REALLY wanted to get a Grand Prix bye for her, she only had 1 and I needed 2 for both the regionals we are attending...she did a great job and won Grand Prix for the bye. Good girl. She is all healthy and sound and running well. No soreness, no issues with anything. She also took 1st place in Steeplechase Round 1 and 2nd to brother Gator in Standard, along with picking up a Snooker Q. She also finished her TM-Platinum :) Good girl Klink. I was just happy she was running well, healthy and collecting...whew!

Team Crackhead also had a great day with 4/6 Q' of those being Lynn E'ing him in Pairs...sorry Crackers! LOL

Lynn--She only Q'd 2 out of 6 runs...HOWEVER...I saw LOTS of lovely things...
It was interesting to see that she was a bit less confident PERIOD in an indoor facility...her Gamblers run was fine...but she was a bit more cautious than if she was running that first class at an outdoor venue. She got faster and faster as the day went on and I was happy to see that :)

Gamblers...we had a bit of an issue at first...a dog ran into the ring during her we got to rerun again. I was happy it didn't bother her. She was SUPER high on her DW (like a toe in) due to actually, the restart was awesome as she got to do it again :) She didn't go across fast the first time, very cautious...but in the rerun she was GREAT! We didn't get the gamble...I set her up wrong. I'm a winner :) Good dog :)

Pairs--ran with Crackers, fun! But I should have given Lynn a turn command on the DW and I didn' she took an off course. Sorry bad. The husband forgave me I think :)

Standard--she had a bar, I had a bar :) I sent her into a wing...and she...well, I am seeing that she needs a bit of work on FAST lines into a sharp turn. We'll work on that. But the rest was LOVELY. The biggest YEE HAW moment was when I was able to beat her to the end of the DW for a good hard push out to a jump...YES!!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!!! And a nice rear cross in the weaves. She's throwing in more single steps all the time in her weaves :) All good stuff. Great time...great great time...

Steeplechase--dropped one bar (again fast line to a tight, hard turn)...but otherwise a great run and her first Steeplechase Q! I so wish we were there today to run Finals...oh kinda :) LOL

Grand FAVORITE run of the bar. I don't care. 33 seconds and change :) Klink got 1st with 35.02...RUN LYNN RUN!!! We were really working as a team on this one...ahhhhhhhh One of THOSE runs :)

Snooker--Lynn's favorite game of all time apparently...3rd place and a Q to finished her first Masters Title: SM :) GOOD GIRL!!!! She beat Gator's time.

So here's video---other improvements I am seeing...her brain didn't scramble in Steeplechase (which is had every other time I ran her in that class)...teeters were the best they have been at a trial...even a couple where her sliding ones! YES!!!!! WP's held true again...Very happy with Contacts...very happy with her in general :)
It's really weird...she doesn't look like she's running that fast at all to me...but then I see her times and I am just like...really?!? Even in the classes without contacts. She's not flashy, just does her job...and apparently very efficiently. If I were to compare her Snooker run with Gators I would have bet money Gator's was faster. Nope. Lynn beat him. So weird. She runs a lot like her mother...Zip never looked all flashy and crazy...but she did her job and was very efficient. It's so much fun to run Lynn...just puts a smile on my face. She tries so hard to do the right thing...she even was barking a bit on her running A-frame during GP...I hope that doesn't end up like Klink with her HUGE MOUTH...but a little barking is OK :)

It's fun watching Lynn evolve...and work through stuff. I have changed a lot as a trainer with Lynn...things are not so black and white anymore...more grey, more little things. Enjoying the little things, the positive stuff, it's important. She's still so much a puppy...but I'm seeing some amazing sparks of brilliance in this little "phantom of the opera" faced pupper :)

Day 163: I knew...
This was the day I realized Lynn was staying here...for good :) So happy this little girl bombed out on the puppy testing!!! LOL


Jaenne said...

Sounds like a great day of agility...Have you tried Tuf-Foot? I use it on the dogs when they tear up their pads.

Steffi said...

WOW - Lynn's runs were amazing! And her puppy picture is adorable.

Catalina said...

Wow! That was FUN to watch! The double dog A-frame was cute :)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

You know I love watching Lynn run! And those DWs were fabulous!
I bet the other dogs are jealous they didn't get their runs posted!

Loretta Mueller said...

Jaenne--I actually just ordered some of that today! Thanks!

Steffi--thanks :) She was a cute little bugger! LOL was cute AFTER the fact! LOL Kinda startled me at first!

Laura--thanks :) She's for sure getting there! Yes I got several PM's about where the other vids I posted them ;)