Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jadah Update Again :)

So...just talked to Donna...things are improving a bit again today...Jadah DOES have feeling in her back end...and she is now feeling things along her spine (yesterday that wasn't the case). She still cannot stand or walk but is comfortable. She is still at the University of Minnesota.

Due to the fact that she gets so excited when Donna and Joe visit her, they decided not to visit today just because it gets her worked up. Which I can totally see, those of you that know Jadah realize that she gets VERY excited! LOL

The vets decided against the spinal tap/dye due to concerns with the possibility of seizures, so tomorrow Jadah will have an MRI done. Once they get the results back on that, if surgery is needed, she will go in immediately that same day.

Donna was doing well, seemed in great spirits and I told her everyone was praying for Jadah and she wanted me to tell all of you how thankful she is for that :) I am of course thankful to all of you as well, I really do feel that your positive thoughts have helped Jadah so far, keep them coming!

Spottie might be coming to hang out with his sisters tomorrow so Donna and Joe can focus on Jadah and her possible surgery. He can play with Lynn all day and not have to worry about mom and dad being stressed. I told her I would take good care of him :)

So...I am calling this good news :) I am anxious to see what the MRI results are, and what path they end up taking. Donna did mention that it could be something as simple as bruising...up to a full blown break. But...either way, she WILL have an answer and that will be a good thing. I have to go down to the cities on Tuesday to get my dogs adjusted at the chiro...I hope, if she is still there, I can go see her.

Again, thank you to EVERYONE for all your awesome have NO idea how much it means to Donna, Joe and Jadah (and Spot, he loves his crazy lab sister!).


Monique said...

This is good news.

Kathy said...

Tell Donna that she and Jadah are in my thoughts and that I'll be thinking of them tomorrow. Wish them the best from me.

An English Shepherd said...

Great news will keep everything crossed :-)

Sare said...

Tell Donna we are thinking of her and Jadah and keeping them in our thoughts and prayers!