Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jadah Update

UPDATE: Jadah is staying at the U tonight on observation. They believe it is a cracked/broken vertebrae or a bulging disk situation.

Options: Spinal Tap with Dye injected

But they would much rather do an MRI, which is scheduled for tomorrow to see what is up.

Then most likely surgery. 90% success rate she will be good with surgery. 85% that she will be able to do agility after surgery. Which of course Donna cares nothing about right now. But it's good to know that maybe the percentages are on her side.

Good news is she does have feeling in her right rear leg now...left rear is very little feeling but it IS THERE if they pinch her foot REALLY hard.

She is now comfortable (the first vet she saw yesterday put her on NO pain meds...WTF??) and is on meds.

So, tomorrow morning we will know a lot more. If she needs surgery she will go in asap.

Donna seems much better, at least they are on a path. Of course this will include a ton of rehab, but I know Donna will do whatever she needs to do to help Jadah :)

Please pass this info to everyone that would like to know about it.

Thanks all of you for prayers...please keep them up!!


Monique said...

This is good news (all things considered). The fact her deep pain is intact is a good prognostic indicator regardless of what the injury ends up being.

Healing thoughts.

Patty said...

lots of good thoughts and prayers for Jadah!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

So good to know the percentages of recovery are on Jadah's side!! We're thinking of Donna and Jadah and hoping for the best news possible on Monday.