Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back to Normal :)

Well as normal as I can be anyway :) It feels good to get back to normal things. Zip will be picking the prize winner this weekend...barring anything ELSE happening. I am ready for some BORING in my life!!

Day 143: Even Steven :)
I love working this dog. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. She's just so damn cute, teeny and did I mention cute? Sure she's a spaz, and sometimes (make that about 75%) forgets to take jumps if I am hauling to make a front cross (OMG WE'RE RUNNING!!!!!!) but how can you be bothered at that face? And training Even makes me realize just how much Lynn has changed since she was starting her training...Lynn is so NOT nearly the thinker she was...she is naughty now...she is a pain in the ass, she is pushy and bratty, she is a mature little dog and the devil has emerged from her...I think that's what she needed most...time to mature. Probably could have saved myself (and her) a lot of time by just letting her grow up some. I learned a lot with Stewie though...won't give that time back...priceless and free education (ok minus fixing the bald spots from pulling my hair out! :) I love my girls!!!!! Can ya tell?? :)

I had someone privately email me to post what I would do with a dog in "one session" of RDW here ya go. Even's session today on her plank. Raised up a bit (not sure on height...we'll call it "low" :-D I do this when I get around to it, most of the time once a day, on occasion, twice a day...2-3 times a week if I get that...quality versus quantity. I did most of the reps on the side she doesn't like...she seemed great today on it :) As you can see in the video...she starts off a bit odd with her striding, but I am rewarding those because she IS running. And then she settles into a good stride. I am not "rewarding for striding"...just running according to Silvia Trkman's method. That is how I taught Lynn and I love the method :) ya go! One session with Even!

I'm not sure WHY I put my hands on my ass every time I release her to the ball...I'm gonna have to NOT do that anymore. I think maybe my brain says DON'T USE YOUR ARMS...and instead of, like most normal people, putting them at my sides...I apparently put them on my ass...yeah...I'm sexy like that :)

The weather was GORGEOUS, ok, so maybe a little bit windy, but I'll take it, so the husband and I spent the day being outside :-) Got all the sheep dewormed and vaccinated, trimmed hooves, mowed pastures...and just enjoyed the sunshine.

I worked my 4 doggies and I was very pleased with all of them. Klink was a bit goofy...Gator was perfect as were Lynn and completely normal :)

Crackers was sick earlier in the week (thinking just a stomach bug) so he is still MIA. The husband took Zip for a spin and that was a very educational experience for him. Zip is a little bullet...and if you don't cue collection, she is off course. PERIOD. So the husband learned to cue BEFORE the jump very quickly :) Zip enjoyed her lesson with the's so fun for me to see the two of them getting along...since, well...they don't always...he doesn't have the "I will love you no matter if you counter surf and eat Rimadyl,butter,cookies,cake,raw hamburger, cooked hamburger, brats, potatoes, jello,cool whip etcetcetc" to see them working together is cool :)

I love video of the dogs...yes I know I take lots of it :) BUT...what I like is seeing how the dogs develop and mature in their running style. Fun to look back on :) Lynn's turns are REALLY going well...the right turn is just happy with that..the left is slower...but she is really improving :) Now it's actually fun...before, it sucked. I'll admit it...but, I think we have gotten over the hump so to speak ;)
I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

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