Monday, April 25, 2011

Satanic iphone and Working Doggies :)

Day 108: My iphone is a dirty old man :)
My iphone is going through a pubescent teenager phase. Taking words I type and switching them with dirty words. Like this for example. I sent a text the husband about how HIS DRIVE was going...and my dirty minded iphone changed it to itching...WTF?

They make a cream for that I think :)

It all started with a seemingly innocent text asking the husband if he had picked up a new lock at Walmart...which my iphone apparently thought I meant hooker...because, who knew?? Walmart is THE PLACE to purchase a new hooker...

It also did this really good one just yesterday, I was telling a friend about how much I LOOOOOVE Photography. The dirty little iphone changed "photography" to "pornography"...AWESOME.

My iphone needs to get laid or's making me paranoid and I am now double checking every text I send. I send lots of texts...good lord. BAD IPHONE! BAD!!!!

Day 109: REALLY???
Klink got to actually work sheep today :) Her shoulder is doing really well now, so I thought, I would work her just a little bit...
You're really going to let me work sheep today???
Surprising, she did great, normally she can be a bit "on the bit" moreso than normal after a break, but...she looked great. Took every whistle perfectly, listened with just a few "HEY!" reminders :) It was fun getting to work her again! Good job Klink!

I don't think it will take me much to get her going for the trials coming up. She worked so very well. Just need to get her on bigger fields and new places. Miles and more miles :) Excited about the trials this year!

Zip got to work, sorting sheep, putting ewes and lambs up, and putting the working sheep into the different areas to work dogs in. Real work is da bomb for her :)

The 3 pups also had a go on sheep today :) The video we took is OK, the wind made it hard to keep the camera still, but you can still see how they are doing :)

Spot and Donna were in the medium pen today, working on getting comfortable with space. Spot tends to get a bit jazzed up when you give him more just working on settling him down a bit.

Lynn went out to the big field today...and she did some LOVELY work. She is a tough little girl on sheep, doesn't care to lie down at ALL (like her mother I'm afraid) but other than that little issue...she listens well :) She was covering very nicely, bending off pressure, and hitting balance nicely. Really, REALLY enjoying working sheep with her. I see both her mother and her father in her...she is such blast. Now that she is covering on both of her sides, I am going to start putting verbals to them. And I am also going to introduce her to driving. KK said to hold off on driving until she is bending and casting out. Lynn WANTS to drive and has that kind of eye, so waiting until she knows how to control it more was a good idea. So I did, and I think that worked very well for her :) Will probably start driving next time I work her just for a short distance.

Even has only been in the round pen, and has no training really, so today I thought I would try her out in the medium pen just to see what she would do. She was a bit overwhelmed with more room, so the first bit she was just trying to figure things out :) But she then figured it out very quickly and we were able to move to the big field. She is doing well. She wants to lay down more than I like, so I am not asking her to lay down, rather hit balance and walk right into the's going to make her a bit naughty, and I am OK with that. It will keep her moving, so she doesn't get into the habit of laying down...I would LIKE to get her on some lighter sheep so she stays on her feet more...she isn't clappy or anything, BUT...I could see where if I told her to down much at all she could become that way. The thing I DO like is that she figures things out very quickly. Very precocious dog. You show her once, and bam, she has it. So I think if I don't ask for a down, she'll figure out to keep on her feet. Another thing I like about her is she isn't afraid to chase down a running sheep...and she will grip (see video) if needed. She can really kick it in. Love her speed.

She was just trying to figure out how to deal with the sheep in the big field. It will be interesting to see how she does on the next few sessions out there. Lynn was a bit cautious as well when I moved her out of the round pen. But as you can see in the video, that went away quickly :)

I am really enjoying both young dogs. They are different from each other, but both are showing a lot of promise :)

And then a short video of Lynn trying to get Spot to play with her :) Lynn cracks me up!

Trial this weekend...and they are calling for rain on Saturday and Sunday...great....ugh...

Lynn will be running, and I will just be running...nothing more, nothing less. And I will see how her DW's do...time will tell :)

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