Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back To Agility...

Day 110: Anybody??
Anyone want to come to my house and help me put the rubber skins on my dogwalk? I'll provide beer!!!! And FOOD!!!! Anyone??

The husband is gone and has been since Friday, I saw him for about an hour Monday morning and he was off again...I COULD put the skins on myself...but I have this horrible visual of me, somehow my entire upper body glued to the dogwalk plank, and no cell phone...I am stuck. And no one's home. Probable? No...but Possible? With me?? And my luck?? SURE!
So for now, I'll just look at them...Lynn likes them, she'll to run across them if she is in the garage...I think she's trying to tell me something :)
Trial this weekend, I think I need to work my dogs on equipment :)

Klink did some agility the other day with nothing bad happening. I didn't do WP's though...will have to do a set today or tomorrow to see how that goes. I will try to limit the weaves for her this weekend at the trial. Speaking of the trial...it's calling for rain and or snow. GREAT.

If it is doing that crap, I probably won't run. It's just not worth having dogs get injured. I can deal with a little bit of rain, but slick running conditions, or even worse, snow, no thank you. I'll just head home and nap on the couch with my pups :) If the husband wants to run, he can, Crackers adjusts to bad conditions better than the BC's though.

I remember when I first started agility, I could NEVER figure out why people would pull when it was rainy and the conditions were crappy...and now, I am one of THOSE
people :)

Lose a $15 entry fee, save $50 bucks for chiro...um...yeah :)

Even has started her agility training a bit. After talking with the powers that be, we decided, she can do handling with bars on the ground if I want since she already runs around full speed like a raving lunatic. And tunnels :) But I won't be putting her on contacts or jumping her until it is a year, which would be the end of July. Just to make sure all traces of weakness are gone from her elbow cartilage. She is a lot of fun to work with, always eager, sometimes a bit too much, but ready to go and puts 110% into everything.

Worked Lynn some as well, wraps and 270 stuff...she LOVES that stuff :) Working soft turns off DW (not shown in the video) but she is doing great with that. The plan is to let her run all her DW's this coming weekend and see how things pan out. If it's true, as Silvia states it...her DW's will only get better as she gets more confident...we shall see :) I won't mark them, I will just keep running. I will just use it as a scientific experiment...

And to help me, my friend Anne made Lynn an "amazing running dogwalk leash!!"...it guarantees great dogwalks! COOL HUH? Yeah...watch her A-frames go to crap :) LOL
The problem IS...you all know my leash fetish thingie...Lynn already HAS a leash...so what do I do? I don't want to leave her leash behind...maybe I'll use BOTH leashes!! Then people will think Lynn is horribly rabid and must be double leashed for public safety!

So, here's the video of the girls working :) They're cute, I'm biased and I doubt it's THAT interesting, but whatever :)

And another iphone thingie :) We had a storm come through...knocked the power off and the internet was having issues...tried to fix the modem...to no avail...and the iphone apparently decided that it was feeling frisky...
My phone is an ex-porn star...I am convinced of this...
I know I cussed...I know...hush.

Contest closes on Thursday! Loving the comments I am getting so far!! :) Keep 'em coming!


livin life said...

okay....I can NOT stop laughing!!!! I LOVE your iphone...I hope it never stops doing its thang! And that with all those practical jokes it plays on you...you share with us! Laughing while living makes life so much sweeter...ps send me even and lynn...k?

Catalina said...

Your phone is so funny!
Are you going to the CACM trial? If so, maybe I will see you there! :)

Kelpie and Collie said...

Lynn is incredible- like world team winner incredible.

Sare said...

I heard that Dr. Drew is having a show regarding leash obsessions. Perhaps you will want to call or skype in?

Loretta Mueller said...

Lora--Even and Lynn can come if I can come with them! LOL

Catalina--YES! I will be at the CACM trial! Come say hi!! :)

Kelpie-- :) I like her, now ME being that incredible...nope!

Sare--yeah, yeah...we all have to have our vices right? :)