Friday, March 4, 2011

OK...well then!

Worked turns with Lynn this past week...she is really getting it I think :) Some higher hits when she is first presented with a different angle, but it is coming :)

I tried to do another session on turns last night...didn't work out so well. Lynn slipped or something and fell off the DW...badly. Not sure HOW she did it, but she ended up off the DW and ran into the barn wall...
Won't get into details as I just don't want to, but she is hurt, shoulder etc...will take some time to get her healed. No broken bones thank goodness...but a good deal of acute trauma :( Lots of ice and anti-inflammatories.
And not sure how the DW will work now. My plan is to just not worry with it until I get outside. I think a total change in location would be good for her after this. So we will see.
I just need to get her better and go on with life. I am just glad she is OK.
I hope she doesn't have any issues when I put her back on the DW, but if she does, and she doesn't come out of them...I guess my only option is to put a stop on it...
Crossing my fingers she doesn't care in a month. Thinking happy happy thoughts! :)
Da7 62: Stewart Little :)

Froggie legs make me smile :)

And don't worry...I am still working on the giveaway prize :)


Anonymous said...

It is scary, no other way to put it, when they fall off the dogwalk. I hope she gets better soon. And happy thoughts to Loretta as well!

Diana said...

Oh crap. Happy thoughts heading your way!!!

livin life said...

I'm so sorry L...but then I am very thankful she is okay. My advice...since you didn't ask but it is free....sheep! Yep sheep solve a lot of head issues :) Wonder if somehow you could get the sheep to run the DW sort of creating a lure course for Lynn so to speak.....and if you can, and you market it and get rich...remember me. As you know, sheep are always my answer.

Hugs to you both!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

ouch! Very scary, I am so glad nothing worse happened. her turns are looking fabulous, I am really hoping with you that she is just as happy when she gets to do the dogwalk again.

Loretta Mueller said...

Thanks ladies :) I appreciate the positive thoughts!

She is getting better, feeling happier today, good to see that.

Lora--I wish that was of the reasons I am waiting to put her back on a DW...we have several feet of snow in the pasture...but yes, I want to get her on sheep before that. Sheep DO help, they are a HUGE help in fact.

Laura--I hope so too :) Thanks!