Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nuttin' Special...Just The Photo :)

Day 60: Adoration :)


I love training obedience...that look dogs give you (if trained CORRECTLY without pain or horrible corrections) is just amazing. One of just, happiness :) Love.

Sure...the love is started off with lots of cookies and toys, but realistically...I wouldn't freakin' stare at some stupid human for 10 minutes if I didn't get paid for it. Who the hell would?

Back to the LOVE :) Believe it or not...Zip is trained up through most of the Utility exercises and Klink is trained through CDX work...I just hate trialing. Not because we can't do it, but more that I hate hanging around all day, for one run...and I see so many dogs that are robots...just doing as they are told, plugging along. When I see a dog that REALLY loves the game, it gives me goosebumps. I am happy to see there are more and more people that are choosing to train obedience with positive methods. Makes me think someday I might just trial again. Ace, Zip and Klink all have some titles in that area...but I just don't enjoy the trialing part. But for now, we will just train :) And do tricks...more fun anyway. Zip thinks obedience rocks, especially when there is a SPECTACULARIFIC RED BALL involved.
Fatness will do anything for the ball :) Klinker :) She's got skillz...mad skillz. And she doesn't bark when she does obedience...or herding...we don't want to talk about agility K? Thanx.I mean seriously...who doesn't want a dog looking up at them like this? I want to kiss her wittle fuzzy face right now. But she will just duck her head, avoiding all eye contact (WE ARE WORKING BEOTTTCH!!!)...I would hug her but she would try to get away. Now if I am on the couch she is busy trying to molest me...but during work. NO TOUCHY.

And yes you obedience people, I am aware my feet are not straight...and all that crap. It's hard to take a photo with a low shutter speed standing completely straight and then bending downward...you need to be able to brace yourself a little :) So...yes...my fronts are not straight...it's OK...I promise :) Just this once won't hurt. Gator doesn't know obedience...maybe that is his problem :)

Speaking of "The Salad"...he is now 4 and has decided his "I am an aloof BC, don't bother me" attitude is the pits. And now he has taken to acting like a drunk, college male when people are around. Jumping all over them, clawing them, clocking them in the face, or nether regions if they are the right height. While I appreciate his new approach to people (better than the alarm barking and freaking out)...I need to work on this. He LOVES people...too much now. No, haven't been working on it...figure he is who he is. But he decided he is now old enough apparently to be social.
Yo Gator...you so don't have proper greeting behaviors...claw marks down the back of my friends is not cool. Lets work on that...

I have decided I am going to learn to play the guitar...I think I am having a mid-life crisis...or something like that. I want NON DOG RELATED ACTIVITIES in my life. SO I am thinking lets start with the guitar (something I have wanted to do for forever) and branch out if that sounds fun.

Plus...sitting in a circle, with a fire, playing my guitar, all of us holding hands (ok not me since I will be playing my guitar and I wouldn't be holding hands with people anyway...you never know if they washed their hands after a bathroom break) singing Kumbaya, just sounds so, 70's. If I only smoked pot. I think the munchies would be a direct conflict with the weight loss effort though. I have the munchies enough anyway...maybe the husband is secretly putting pot in my food...WHAT an awesome excuse THAT would be!!! And an easy fix. Stop your pot intake lose 80 pounds!!! Wish it was that easy...

Now...to work on my singing.


Kathy said...

You should connect up with Pearse at a trial some time. He has played his guitar and sang at a trial or two.

D said...

I'd love to share this post with SO many people. They wouldn't appreciate it of course, so I won't. Obedience can be very fun, and a happy, enthusiastic dog doing obedience is a beautiful thing. Robotic, slow moving, unhappy dogs are what gives the sport a bad name.

Logan shares Klinks "leave me alone when I'm working" thoughts. Those two are so much alike. :)

sclmarm said...

I learned how to play the violin when I was in my 30's. My kids started and I took lessons right along side of them:) It was fun because the teacher also played fiddle, so we learned fiddle tunes as well as classical music. Very fun and I highly recommend learning a musical instrument!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I love obedience but get so stressed trialing. I think I really only trial so I can see all those holes in my training. My dog never breaks a stay...oh wait he stands on every single out of sight down stay. He heels perfectly....crap he forges like there's no tomorrow in a trial. there's always "but he never does that in practice!" and shows me what my dogs really understand and what they only semi get.

On the positive side I like that it doesn't turn into an all day thing like agility, I just show up, play for 5min, and then go!

Have fun with the guitar!