Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The one thing I love most in life...learning something new.

I did research for many years...always looking for something new, always finding new methods, new results, new everything. I miss research...miss the "what if's"...boy do I miss that.

I love being at the beginning of something...that phase were you want to soak everything up that has to do with whatever it is you are passionate about. PASSION. Being passionate about something...

Insert new obsession with guitars...DONE :)

Loretta has a problem...she is getting tunnel vision. Only involving this:

I need now. I have to learn, I have to have one, I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!! NOW NOW NOW!

Does this count as Day 60 even though I didn't take the photo? Prolly not...damn.

So step one...get a guitar...that hopefully can happen this weekend? Just depends on if I can drag a friend to the shop to help me pick a good one out...

Songs? Getting those...I had some awesome idea of learning how to play Darren Criss' song "Don't You"...clicky, clicky here to see it on youtube:

Looked up the chords and HOLY shit...yeah...maybe when I have been playing for awhile. So...I am going to focus on maybe Good Riddance by Greenday...or Lean On Me...another song I adore. Those look much easier.

I don't take on new things often, because...well...I tend to go apeshit over new things...I don't give up until I have learned the new thing...and I get extreme tunnel vision when I take on something new and challenging...but I have decided to jump into this full force. The only thing I can think is "poor husband"...he will have to listen to my utter suckiness for a good long time. I will try to practice while he isn't home, cause I'm nice like that :)

Yes, my dogs will still get trained, and I might even actually enjoy it more than I have been lately. Maybe this summer I can work on obstacle independence, and gambles, sitting in a lawn chair, Corona next to my bare feet, toes in the grass, playing my guitar and stopping long enough to pick up the chuck-it when my dog totally nails something I have been working on.

Playing guitar while herding...maybe not. But wouldn't that be the shit? :)

I have already been told my fingers will not be happy for awhile until I get some calluses on them, so I think my playing in the beginning will be limited to what won't make my fingers that will be nature's way of saying "LORETTA STOP PLAYING, GO TRAIN DOGS"...fine.

I am officially's like the Running Dog Walk all over again :) Only better...


Day 60: Creepy This is one of my doggie students Logan :) His mom brought this creepy little cartoon dude named "Flat Stanley"...and a small human gave it to her to take on an adventure for the day, and write a little note about what Flat Stanley did...thank goodness the small human didn't give me Flat that would have been a freakin' party taking him to all SORTS of places :)

Flat Stanley came to agility class with Logan and his mom...and I took this photo. It is totally creepy as it looks like I photo shopped him in there...but I didn't. Just makes me think of The Shining...REDRUM, REDRUM, REDRUM.

Sleep tight everyone!!! :)

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