Thursday, March 24, 2011

Missing You...

Doesn't that title make you think of Missing You by John Waite...from the 80's or something?
Day 83: Terrier Sadness

The husband travels a lot...which, for me, has taken some getting used to. But eventually you get used to not having the husband around, learn that if bad things are going to happen, you have a 90% chance of it happening while he is gone :) You learn to open jars yourself and other manly things that the husband does when he is around. One gets so used to the husband's absence, for example, when you exit a store, you don't hold the door open for the husband, and it hits him in the face. Opps...sorry honey!

Crackers hasn't gotten used to the husband's traveling. He always gets a little sad when his dad is no longer around...and he then looks to me. Or rather...STARES at me. It's a pitiful look...little beady, black, baby seal-like eyes...he wanders around...looking for the husband...and eventually decides he will "settle" for me and my dogs :) He needs about twice as much attention as the BC's since he is his daddy's main man. But he doesn't seem to want to interact with me in a cuddling/petting sort of way...apparently that is reserved only for the husband :) So he wants to play with toys ALL DAY LONG...

The toy he mostly chooses is this green and red Christmas ball...that SQUEAKS REALLY LOUD...that lasts about 2.8 seconds. REPETITIVE NOISES ARE BAD!

If I don't pay attention to the staring...or the toys...he will then try to get closer to the level of my face...thus the chair. HI! I'M HEEEEERRRRRREEEEE!!!!!!

And. He. Stares...and Stares...AND STARES...

Fine...have the damn ball...Thanks "lady that takes care of me when the only person I care about is gone" throw it...

Finally...he decides maybe waiting in the husband's office will make him suddenly appear. Best to have the special Christmas SQUEAKY ball in case he shows up...because the husband has super mega ninja skills like that... And then gives up...and goes to the patio door...which makes no sense as the husband never enters that door when he comes home (he would have to go around the back of the house)...but maybe because it's the only door with a view?
Such a devoted little dog...unlike my little moocher long as you have a ball, chicken, are human, alien,...they love you unconditionally. I never feel special...maybe I need a terrier!!


Day 84: Kinda Crowded Up Here!

Guitar is going well...except... When I accidentally leave it on the couch in Lynn's wonder it is way out of tune each time I play it...She COULD just sleep on the other side of the couch...right? Seriously do you get yourself UNDER the guitar?

I can play songs now...and they kind of sound like the song :) Spirit Fingers!! The husband says sometimes it sounds like cats dying...screw him...I'll play louder next time :)

Speaking of Miss Math Nerd. Things are going better :)

Day 84: Pocket Protector Mug Shot She is now back to running well in the barn. And will tug next to the DW. So that is great, a solid improvement. 2 weeks we get rubber skins for the DW...apply them...and then pray that winter goes a way so we can get outside and see what she does...fingers crossed!

I have already decided if things are not going well...I'll put a stop on it...then maybe try running with her later...since it is two different commands. Time will tell what happens. I would REALLY like to keep the running, but I need to focus on what is best for Stewart is what it is :)

No new lambs...but there are some miserable ladies out there!

The first ewe with the single ram lamb has been having some issues...the lamb isn't drinking off the one side, so when I went to check on things yesterday, her udder was hot and red. She wasn't wanting the lamb to nurse off the other side just because everything hurt I think. So we hand milked her (well used a 60 cc syringe as a milker--works GREAT!) and she is doing awesome today. No issues. Hoping that lamb figures out there are TWO teats to drink from. Ah the joys of lambing :)


sclmarm said...

Zach's Border/Jack waits on the back of the couch looking out the window for him. The husband running Crackers so reminds me of Zach and Nub. Guy with baseball cap and beard running around like crazy with little white dog.

Loretta Mueller said...

With the years, Crackers has gotten more attached to me :) Good thing for him as he was a pretty lonely little dude :)