Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So not really by date...sorry :)

So the video of Lynn working turns that I posted today was actually from part of yesterday.
Today we continued working turns. The table was raised to 30" tall...which she had no issues with...she actually went a bit deeper with it...
I am still starting with her wrapping the post...and the first session she did try to offer 2 on 2 off again...as you can see in the video...so I used the motion of the toy again to get her "unstuck"...the later sessions she didn't even offer it :) PROGRESS!!!!!
She did very well...and the last session, she was picking up speed and really starting to "get it" :) Turns are actually kind of fun, and Lynn now thinks they rock :) That's how I always know Lynn has it...she picks up speed and starts running more...good stuff :)
I plan on raising up the board again...I am not concerned about the height now, she is understanding how to turn and I think the height will only help her with that...if I am wrong, no biggie, I just go back down in height :)

Will this mess up our straights? No idea :) I am sure it will cause something to go wrong...but for now, full DW's will only be straight.
The nice thing I like about this is, I am working on her really understanding the verbals...I am giving it at the top of the plank and she is understanding that. Eventually I will have to work on her turning away from me...but for now, I am just working on the obvious directions for her.
I have done a few straight DW's and it seems like, so far she is fine. GO means straight ahead...and then the directionals will be used for turns...I like this, it's more black and white (no pun intended) for both Lynn and I :)
Enjoy! It is colder than heck here...I am so grateful for my "green room"...the dogs get exercised, they are all tired tonight...I can work my dogs in agility and teach some lessons here :) Good stuff :) We had to make some sacrifices to get 'er done, but it is SOOOO worth it!

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Christine said...

What are you using for your left/right verbals?