Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We are starting turns...
Lynn felt that they were totally bullsh*t...just as she was getting the idea of running straight as fast as she can, I am now adding a new situation :)
BUT...I think turns are good. Reason? We figured out Lynn's issue last weekend (we being some very educated people that were willing to speak with me about it). We figured out why...now...to work on it :)
On Rubber DW's with fast loads...she is running so fast that she gets to the down plank quicker than she normally does, so where her stride would be landing right before the down plank, it is actually ON the down plank...so running a bit on air...and then she is basically trying to control a fall downward...like running full speed down a hill :) So this dog, with hind feet split..is actually striding over the yellow...she is losing control...
In the videos you can see it plainly, tail going EVERYWHERE, acting as a rudder, surprise on her face as she is trying to keep herself on track...she doesn't know how to deal with it...so things happen. She does this also on rubber Aframes the first few times, BUT...the difference is, she knows how to chip in an extra stride, so she doesn't one stride the A-frames...good girl. She needs to learn how to do this on the DW as well if she gets herself into a situation like at the trial this weekend.
I also need to just focus on the DW right now...not worrying about handling...run straight, don't peel off, stay on that line and build confidence. Sending her off course if I need to...meanwhile...work turns.
Turns will help teach her to add a stride in and everyone thinks that will help her tremendously...I am crossing my fingers...
So far the training is for sure helping her understand that. I did as Silvia suggested, got Lynn happy with the post at the end of the DW...she could care less about it. Which is great :) And worked on her jumping from the side and she did try a few times to go into 2on 2 off, but I figured out if I rolled the ball, she would feed off the motion and run...so we did that. No issues now :) Miss Nerdy Pants has thrown away the calculator on that one :) Party hat ON! SWEEEEEEET!
After she was confidently getting that...today I added a full down plank set at 24"...not full height I know, but I figured it would help her figure out her feet. I can't just change things with Lynn and expect her to not get the protractor out (thanks friend Beth for that analogy!!!) and measure the angle...just how Lynn is :) So 24" seemed good and that is my table height :) Convenient right??
She is in the thinking stage, BUT...she is figuring out what I want...and she did try a few jumps...but no playing showed her I wanted something different...I am saying Left or Right at the top of the plank...she seems to understand that too :)
Here is some video...I think this is going to help everything. Am I positive...no...I might have to beat my head against a wall another 50,000 times...but I keep chanting I WILL NOT GO TO 2 ON 2 OFF...NO NO NO NO!!!!!!
If you see me at a trial, wearing a straight jacket, sitting in a chair rocking back and forth...you'll know why...

Running contacts are for the mentally insane...I'll admit it :)


katie said...

Looking good! I'm also training running contacts using Silvia's method. Have you tried front crossing the dogwalk yet? Or are you not supposed to do that at this stage? My dog seems to love it when I front/blind cross the plank--it really gets her going. Just wondering why I haven't seen others doing crosses in the training videos I've watched.

Loretta Mueller said...

Yes, I have front crossed the DW, although I have NO idea when I would actually do that at a trial! LOL

I am sure you haven't seen much of it (Daisy Peel has some video with Solar I think) because I don't think many people will be FC'ing the DW...but I see no reason not to train it! :) I am just working the start of turns here...so Lynn isn't ready for weird stuff on turns yet...

barjor said...

Sounds like a good plan. I hope you stick with it. I LOVE the running contacts, love, love, love it. I do not think I would ever teach a stop again. The joy of running and not stopping to proof something is beyond compare.

You can add height to a table by using bed risers. They work quite well.

Good luck, I am about ready to start Meri on Turns. Speck on the other hand needs to keep running forward!

katie said...

Interesting! Don't sell yourself short--you look pretty speedy in your videos. I think that I am at least as fast as Daisy P, but then I see videos of myself and I'm totally running like a girl. Must work on that!

Renate said...

Watching you work inside...it looks so nice and warm. We don't have an indoor facility anywhere to train, so we're outside running while the temps are in the low 20s with wind chills in the teens. Add in a little sleet and we just don't do the contacts.

Oh, where are we located? In Mississippi, the Deep South where it's not supposed to be this way! But for the love of dog, we persevere :)

livin life said...

Nice carpet! The dog walk looks great too but I am not sure you would find me an authority on such things :)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Thanks for posting more video! I remain insanely jealous of your dogwalk and indoor turf! I'm afraid I'll never get anywhere with Vito without regular access. His turns are looking lovely in practice now (just the bottom ramp) but now we have no straight ones.

kiwichick said...

BTW not running dog walk related :-) You look great. I can see the weight loss. Good job. keep it up!!