Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pictures :) Totally Lazy On My Part...

Taking pictures off the hard drive...really fun to look back :) The theme is SPRING and SUMMER :)
Day 54: Can O' Whoop Ass :) I love puppies...well, I loved these puppies. It's good that they are grown up, but gosh they were cute :) Raising two puppies at once is enough to cure anyone of "puppy fever" for awhile. I still don't even have a tinge of it...grown dogs rock :)

Day 55: Patience Spring...I want spring to come :) Lambing starts in a few of the really fun times of the year. Can't wait to see the new babies :)

Day 56: Gosh I miss this... will be here, right? Eventually?

Day 57: Klink

Klink is ready to work sheep...I am ready to work Klink on sheep...

Still don't know if I made it into the LOLBCA USBCHA trial (acronym city!!)...still keeping my fingers crossed. Also hoping I can get my dog trained before then.

Lynn's feet are all healed up, the weather is too cold to work Lynn in agility, but I am hoping to get back into that asap. The March trial is coming up quickly and I would like to get Lynn on some equipment before the trial. She isn't going to be on DAM team, or standard...but I did enter her in jumpers, Gamblers, Snooker and Pairs. Oh...and since Gator already has his Steeplechase legs for Nationals, I am going to enter her in Steeplechase and not him. To save money and to see if she can handle it a bit more. She just seems to explode at the we will see how she handles that. Someone made a comment to me, that maybe I can run her slower and more patient. Lynn has running contacts, there is no slower or cautious :) So..we will see what she does. She might surprise me!

And if she doesn't...then that's OK too :)

The more I get into agility, the more relaxed about it I get...things just happen...good and bad. And you just work on it...constantly adding to training, fixing problems that come up. It's just part of it...

And I am grateful to be able to run my dogs...something not everyone has.

Here's to a relaxing weekend...

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