Friday, February 11, 2011


Well...we did contacts today :) And Lynn was VERY HAPPY to be running her DW again :)

One thing that is really bugging me she is doing this weird extension stride on the flat part of the DW...not sure if it SHOULD bug me...but it does. Maybe someone will chime in here that knows more :) LOL

She has gotten MUCH faster and confident from just a short while ago...wowza!

I was happy with her...she did get ahead of herself once or twice and was able to fix her striding a bit to get in and fulfill criteria. I DO think the turns have helped that!!! WOO HOO!!!It was a fast load and I was leaving her...she kept her cool and did her job :)

The last DW's on the video, she was getting tired...and I realize that. She was still running, so those were a yes, but they weren't like the others...that is my fault though...I should have stopped..we were just having SO MUCH FUN! :)

So...the straights are not will keep plugging away on turns :)

Here is the video from today! Thanks Donna for taping for me!!! :)


Anonymous said...


I think the extension bit at the end of the flat part is so she can get into the right stride on the down ramp. It looks like to me, that she's got the down ramp striding pretty darn consistent.

I wouldn't worry about it. But I suspect that once you start on turns on the real, live, full height dog walk you are going to have to give her the turn cues BEFORE she gets to that spot.

katie said...

Wow, she looks great. It looks to me like she is leaping the apex where the top ramp meets the down ramp, similar to how she leaps the apex of the aframe. I don't know if that is good or bad, but she sure looks fast and accurate!

Loretta Mueller said...

Thanks ladies :) I appreciate the feedback!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

She looks great! Vito would do that same little extension over where the down plank and middle plank meet. Hasn't done it on the new rubber contacts though. I don't know if time got rid of it or the switch in DWs. no clue and I never worried about it.