Friday, February 11, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

So...Lynn's last trial for awhile will be in a few weeks. After talking with RDW people (I don't mention names because they might not want me to plaster their names all over the internet, but I am eternally grateful for their help!!!) I need to actually TRAIN on a DW more than once a month to get the dog to do it correctly. Imagine that :) So...things to work on with her, but that is what a trial is all about right? Seeing where your training is. I am in no hurry with her (I have beaten that into my head) so I need to just wait until I can actually train her more. I have even noticed Crackers DW's are a bit less than I see it in him as well.
Edited: I think I am going to enter her in jumpers, snooker and DW's...I think it is a good plan so she can still get used to trialing, all the craziness...but not worry about DW's right now.
And...I need to get her on a rubberized DW a LOT I might be just resurfacing my DW with rubber...most of the trials around here have rubber contacts anyway...
Or buy another normal, one yeah. Not gonna happen!
The bottom line is...I need to move :) Like yesterday...sigh...
Today's goal now that the weather is actually going to be near the freezing mark, go work straight DW's...which I will do. I plan on taking video just to see if the turn work has completely crapified (is that a word?) my contact :) And I am thinking it might,but I am secretly hoping it hasn't.
Trial in 2 weeks= No Expectations...please remind me of this closer to the date OK? :)
Blogger decided to stop being such a b* I can upload pictures again :)

Day 41: GET OFF ME!!!!

2 females in season, one in standing heat...and Gator is the target. And he doesn't like it, ONE DAMN BIT. Poor guy...this too shall pass Gator. Until then I will protect you, and put Zip up so she doesn't attempt to sodomize you multiple times a day...

Whoever said male dogs are gross has never been to my house when the girls are in's a very interesting time...

Day 42: BAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Even... :)

I am counting the days until winter takes a hike and we can be outside again...working sheep, running agility, mowing the yard etc. Once the sun and warmth come, I won't be sleeping for 2 months, so high on sunshine...but I'll take it.

Maybe next year I will take a vacation to Mexico...sit on the beach, drinking a margarita, and just enjoy being WARM.

Oh...and update on the fitness stuff...I don't hardly even think about it anymore, but I am steadily losing more body fat is going down. The anxiety with losing weight has passed and I don't weigh myself a lot, or worry what goes into my mouth...just moderation...and exercise :) A very peaceful place to be...

And I am running faster in dogs LOVE it...I think I did more front crosses this past trial weekend than I have...I KNEW I would get there...what an amazing feeling...and running 3 dogs in snooker or Gamblers or issues. I wasn't exhausted at the end of the was so nice.

I love Salmon and Brown Rice (who knew!?!?)....I am assuming my taste buds are changing a bit...I still love sugar and chocolate...yummmmm...but I don't need it as much anymore....

Good stuff :) All good stuff...well...minus winter. Winter is never good :)

And I shall leave you with this quote as it made me laugh out loud this morning :)

"Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings. "

I am grateful for my friends :)

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