Wednesday, February 16, 2011

46 Degrees!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

I know this lovely weather is coming to a end this weekend...I will miss 46 degrees...but for now I am just enjoying it :) And so are the dogs...some of them a little TOO much :)
Day 47: Kinda cute :) Kinda...

Don't ask me HOW it idea...I am guessing if you look at the video below you might have a guess :)

Muddy dogs or not, I am LOVING this weather!!!!! I guess the one (and only) good thing about a long, cold winter is you really appreciate the good weather. But really, I think I could appreciate it even without the bad winter :)


Jaenne said...

Is Klink the only one that Crackers does that to? When my dogs are muddy, they get to stay in their crates until they are dry and the dirt has fallen bath required!

Loretta Mueller said...

Yes...the rest of them tell him off :) LOL

I normally just tell him to knock it off...but I wasn't even thinking about it while filming :)

So apparently he took full advantage :)

I do that with my dogs too...just put them in the mud great :)

katie said...

Wheee! Happy dogs!!

achieve1dream said...

Wow, Lynn never lets that jolly ball out of her jaws of steel does she? :)

Aww poor Klink. Why does Crackers harass her like that?

. . . oh, just read the other comments. I'm surprised she doesn't snap at him. She must be so tolerant.

Great video!